Advanced Targeting Systems

About ATS

Advanced Targeting Systems (ATS) is a San Diego-based biotechnology company dedicated to providing quality targeting reagents for scientific research and pharmaceutical development.

ATS is known as the “saporin company” and initially focused on providing research tools for the Neuroscience research community. Over the years these tools have been used in all areas of scientific research and drug development. The Company’s current product line includes targeted toxins, antibodies and custom services designed to assist scientists in the study of system functions, cell functionality, diseases and disorders.

Advanced Targeting Systems pioneered the use of targeted conjugates for use in a technique called “Molecular Surgery.” These products include specific lesioning agents for cholinergic basal forebrain neurons, noradrenergic and adrenergic neurons, macrophages and microglia and a pan-neuronal agent that strikes an epitope expressed on all neurons. In addition, ATS makes “secondary conjugates” which allow users to convert their own targeting agents into specific cytotoxic tools and to screen antibodies for internalization.