Histonova (from Dianova) is a premium product line, integrating selected antibodies for immunostaining of standard formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue. Histonova antibodies allow powerful laboratory analyses with brilliant results. With their key contacts in German pathological institutes and in close collaboration with academic institutes Dianova will gradually expand the Histonova IHC range with the addition of new, unique antibodies.

The new anti-IDH1 R132H antibody, clone H09 (Cat DIAH09), has attracted enormous interest among Neuropathologists. This unique, point mutation specific antibody is an essential tool for Neuropathological laboratories, allowing differentiation between reactive gliosis and low grade glioma. This antibody enables the detection of single infiltrating tumour cells.

Antibody clone SZ31 (Cat DIA310), is the only anti-CD31 antibody available worldwide that is effective on standard-formalin fixed paraffin-embedded mouse tissue. This makes this antibody extremely important for research and preclinical studies of Angiogenesis in mouse models, e.g. human tumour xenografts.

Another key product is the anti-His-Tag antibody (Cat DIA900), which has a very high sensitivity when compared to other available clones.


Anti-IDH1 R132H antibody clone H09



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