FormuMax offers preformed liposome reagents to R&D organizations involved in drug delivery using liposomes. We offer a large collection of liposome reagents, including preformed plain liposomes, ammonium gradient liposomes for drug loading, fluorescent liposomes, liposome doxorubicin, clodronate liposomes. Their high quality liposome products are prepared by experienced formulators using the highest quality lipids only from premier suppliers. Their products are easy to use and will save you time, cost and improve the productivity and reliability of your R&D. They provide  batch-to-batch consistency and reproducibility. All products are sterile filtered and properly packaged in autoclaved sterile vials to ensure long-term stability.


 Cryo-EM (3D rendering) of LUV DMPC/CHOL liposomes produced by FormuMax (courtesy of Nano Imaging Services)


Cryo-EM of STEALTH liposomal doxorubicin HCl produced by FormuMax and Image taken by

Nano Imaging Services. The structures is very similar to that of the commercial Doxil (see link)



CryoTEM tomography of Doxoves™ (liposomal doxorubicin HCl). Transmission electron microscopy analysis performed by NanoImaging Services, Inc


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