Larodan AB


Stratech Scientific is pleased to announce the launch of Larodan, a major new supplier of lipids.


Founded in 1963 and based at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden, Larodan develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of high quality, research grade lipids, manufactured by both extraction and purification from natural sources as well as by chemical synthesis.
Key products include both natural and synthetic phospholipids with high purity in mg up to kg scale. All products come with a certificate of analysis and are guaranteed to a purity of above 98% for synthetic products and above 96% for natural products.
Larodan products are used in a range of applications including as reference standards in molecular analysis as well as active ingredients in experiments or products, supplied as either standard catalogue products or custom formulations, in analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, biophysics, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, nanotechnology as well as pharmaceutical product development and food science. Larodan also offers custom synthesis services.


Product categories

Fatty Acids (FA)
Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME)
FA and FAME kits and mixture
Wax Esters
Fatty Alcohols
Saturated Hydrocarbons
Coenzyme A and CoA Esters
Polyprenols and Dolichols
Polyprenyl Phosphate
Stable Isotope Labeled FA/TG