Apoptosis and Cytotoxicity Research Reagents

Detection kits, antibodies and proteins by category

These reagents are selected to address the expressed needs of Neuromics' customer research in areas such as Degenerative Diseases, Oxidative Stress and Oncology.

Image: Jurkat cells dually stained with Hoechst and Polycaspase Assay Kit, green--FAM-VAD-FMK. Caspase activity is revealed by green fluorescence in cell #2, indicating that only this cell is apoptotic. Cell #1 is also dying (scattered blue), but is not apoptotic because it is not green. Cell #3 is healthy (concentrated blue nucleus).

*Kits are sold under license from our partner, Immunochemistry Technologies, LLC.


Detection kits, antibodies and proteins by category


FLICA® in vitro Caspase Kits
Fast!-Use Caspase kits to quantitate apoptosis via active caspases in whole, living cells and tissue. These kits do not use ELISA or any antibodies for detection

FLISP™ Serine Protease Detection Kits
Measure chymotrypsin-like protease activation in whole living cells.

Magic Red™ Real Time! Kits
Measure apoptosis in whole living, intact cells - no lysis required

MitoPT™ Kits
Quantitate mitochondrial functionality and apoptosis

Cytotoxicity Test Kits
Assess cell-mediated cytotoxicity and apoptosis with a flow-based, non-radiological isotope, single tube assay format.

RayBio® C-Series Human Apoptosis Arrays
Semi-Quantitative, Sandwich-Based, Membrane Antibody Arrays-Apoptosis

Apoptosis Research Antibodies

Apoptosis Research Proteins

Caspase-3 IHC Image

HemoGenix® Predictive in vitro Toxicity and Apoptosis Kits
Designed for Drug Discovery and Development