NEW from Boster Immunoleader

Each month, Boster Immunoleader  launches over 50 new antibodies and ELISA kits to stay ahead of the ever shifting immunochemistry research landscape. In addition their highly sensitive ELISA kits and high affinity antibodies, Boster also provides a wide range of assisted reagents from detection kits to protein beads, buffers and reagents for western blots, and immunohistochemistry to cell proliferation and cytotoxicity kit, Boster is committed to provide scientists all over the world highly accurate and consistent tools for their research.

Below are some of  their new products:

Code Name Species Applications
PB9670-WBO MMP10 Antibody Human WB
PB9672-WBO NDRG2 Antibody Mouse, Rat WB,IHC-P
PB9679-WBO SECTM1 Antibody Mouse WB
PB9680-WBO Prealbumin Antibody Mouse, Rat WB,IHC-P,ELISA
PB9681-WBO Lymphotactin Picoband Antibody human WB,IHC-P,ELISA​
EK1141-WBO Mouse VEGF-B PicoKine ELISA Kit Mouse ELISA
EK1236-WBO Human SHBG PicoKine ELISA Kit Human ELISA
EK1248-WBO Rat MMP-8 PicoKine ELISA Kit Rat ELISA
EK1271-WBO Human LBP PicoKine ELISA Kit Human ELISA

Where can I find more information about Boster Immunoleader?

Visit the manufacturer page at www.stratech.co.uk/wuhan_boster, email info@stratech.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1638 782600.

Stratech Scientific is a distributor of high quality, competitively priced, reliable products for research laboratories throughout the UK and Europe. Please contact us to find out which ranges we can supply in your country.