rPeptide is a market leader in providing research products (recombinant peptides and proteins, antibodies, reagents) for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease research.
rPeptide also provides a range of custom services from molecular biology, protein expression and purification, to C13 and N15 uniform labelling of peptides and proteins.

rPeptide have a proprietary platform vector technology that enables the expression of historically difficult peptides/proteins as soluble peptides/proteins in E. coli.


Product Range

Alzheimer`s Products


Parkinson`s Products


Other Products

  • Amyloid Precursor Protein, CTF fragments
  • Apo E Proteins
  • Beta-Amyloid peptides
  • Beta-Amyloid antibodies
  • Tubulin antibodies and proteins
  • Tau antibodies and proteins

  • Synucleins
  • Tau antibodies and proteins
  • AD/PD Related Proteins
  • Amylin Peptides
  • Calmodulins



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