Solulink Biosciences specialises in developing and manufacturing high quality cutting-edge conjugation reagents, associated products and services for bioscience applications.


4FB (4-FormylBenzamide) Lipids

Conjugation of biomolecules to liposomes can be time consuming and low yeilding due to the instability of the linkers on both the liposome and the biomolecule to be conjugated. Solulink offers stable 4FB - modified (4 - formylbenzamide) lipids for incorporation into liposomes to conjugate to HyNic - modified peptide or other HyNic - modified biomolecules to the exterior face of liposomes. The 4FB / HyNic couple allows initial forumlation of liposomes with a stable 4FB linker that readily conjugates to HyNic - modified biomolecules in high yield.

4FB - modified PEGs

4FB modified (4-formylbenzamide) PEG reagents are activated to PEGylate HyNic - peptides or other HyNic biomolecules. It has been demonstrated that PEG moieties conjugated to peptides and other biomolecules can significantly alter their biodistribution . therapeutic index and toxicity.



Aldehyde Modification Conjugation Reagents

Aldehyde Modification Conjugation Reagents

Anti - Epitope Antibodies

To complement the PepLink Epitope Tags Solulink offers several anti - epitope tag antibodies for capture and detection of epitope tags. An S - tag AP conjugate is also offered for direct detection of S - tagged proteins.

Biofluorescent Proteins

Activated Biofluorescent proteins (Phycobiliproteins) consist of a family of biologically - derived fluorescent proteins found in cyanobacteria and eukaryotic algae. Their intrinsically high fluorescence properties are attributable to covalently - linked tetrapyrrole groups that play a light - collecting role in these organisms. Phycobiliproteins possess highly desirable spectral properies including high molar extinction coefficients and resistance to photobleaching. Phycobiliproteins also exhibit other desirable fluorescent properties including insensitivity to environmental factors such as ionic strength and pH. Solulink offer two ready - to - link aromatic aldehyde activated phycobiliproteins.

Biotinylation Products and Services

ChromaLink Biotin 354S incorpotates traceable biotins in any amine - containing biomolecule or surface. ChromaLink Biotin allows for the simple and direct spectroscopic quantification of total incorporated biotin.

Conjugation Kits

The chemistry offered in the Solulink Bioconjugation kit is superior to conventional methods of bioconjugation such as maleimide / thiol. Using a highly selective interaction of HyNic and 4FB groups, the coupling reaction results in a hydrazone bond that is extremely stable.  Additionally, no reducing reagents are required . removing the risk of protein denaturing and loss of activity.

Conjugation Linker Reagents

All these conjugation linker reagents share a robust feature set with significant benefits: Stable: form a stable hydrazine bond (94oC 2 hr)
Traceable: spectral confirmation of conjugate formation and purification Conjugation control: molar substitution ratio (MSR) readily determined Biocompatible: reducing agents not required . e.g. cyanoborohydride Specificity: Linkers react only with each other in the presence of NH2 . SH . COOH and other protein functionalities.


Solulink now offers three of the most popular fluorescent dyes with HydraLink chemistry for the labelling of proteins . antibodies . oligonucleotides and peptides. Texas Red . Fluorescein and Rhodamine B fluorescent dyes are available pre - activated with an aromatic aldehyde group (4FB). These stable pre - activated dyes react and label any HyNic - modified biomolecule. The dyes are especially suited for the fluorescent labelling of HyNic - modified peptides . e.g. . PepLink peptides since HydraLink chemistry does not react with either lysine or cysteine amino acid side chains internal to the peptide. Fluorescently - labelled peptides can be used to monitor in vivo internalisation . spatial distribution and / or localisation. These dyes can also be used to fluorescently label protein - protein or protein - peptide conjugates containing excess HyNic groups on their surface.

Linkable Peptides

PepLink . linkable peptides allow easy linking of peptides to any biomolecule. They come in a stable . pre - activated form so they automatically target and efficiently link to any 4FB modified biomolecule or carrier simply by mixing the two together. They can be linked to a wide variety of biomolecules including siRNAs; antibodies; proteins; antigen carriers . e.g. KLH oligonucleotides; fluorophores; biofluorescent proteins . e.g. R - phycoerythrin; and surfaces.

Magnetic Separation Products

NanoLink 4FB Magnetic Microspheres are uniform . encapsulated . nanometer - sized . super - parpmagnetic particles activated with stable 4FB functionalities. 4FB moieties are introduced to the hydrophilic amino midified surface by reaction with Solulink's succinimidyl 4 formylbenzoate (S04FB). The high surface area and low non - specific binding of NanoLink particles are ideal for covalent immobilisation of any aromatic hydrazine - modified protein, peptide, DNA, RNA, oligonucleotide and / or oligosaccharide.

Peptide & Miscellaneous Reagents

Peptide Reagents


Quantification and Quenching reagents

These reagents are for quantifying HyNic and 4FB moieties on bioconjugates and for quenching excess . un - reacted HyNic moieties for added control of the process.

S - Protein / AP - Conjugate

S - Protein Conjugate

Surface Chemistry and Immobilisation

Solulink offers a series of new HydraLink - based products for the fail - safe immobilisation of biomolecules to solid surfaces.


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