Connecting Stem Cell Research to Life


Stemmera Inc is a privately owned biotechnology company located in Bay Area, California that focuses on developing innovative technologies and application solutions for stem cell research. Their mission is to provide affordable, high-quality, reliable and easy-to-use products for stem cell research, to make bench work simpler and more efficient.
Products include human fibroblast reprogramming kits, serum-, feeder- and xeno-free media for human fibroblast and blood cell reprogramming and culturing of human iPSCs and ESCs, cryopreservation buffers, cell dissociation reagents and karyotyping kits. Stemmera also offers a range of services to accelerate stem cell research including viral vector packaging, contract assay services, and customized cell manipulation, as well as a wide variety of hands-on training and educational activities to help with the standardization of various stem cell culture assays. 

Committed to quality and customer support

Stratech Scientific’s Technical support team works closely with Stemmera’s dedicated R&D team to support and advise customers on how best to use Stemmera’s exciting range of products for stem cell research, for both academic and industrial research.