Stratech Scientific Ltd

As one of the largest independent suppliers of antibodies and scientific reagents in the UK and Europe, we have a unique understanding of the needs of the scientific community. We have therefore developed our own brand range of products to meet specific requirements.
We are very proud of our IL-18 range of antibodies, proteins and assays. We feel that they bring a unique offering to the market. 
Interleukin-18 (IL-18) is a member of the IL-1 cytokine family.  Produced by dendritic cells, monocytes, macrophages, neutrophils and epithelial cells, it mainly facilitates Th1-type immunoreactions by acting on T-cells.  
IL-18 is naturally present in almost all cells in healthy humans and animals.  Its activity is held in balance by its high affinity, naturally occurring binding protein IL-18BP.  In non-diseased individuals, the levels of IL-18BP exceed those of IL-18, suppressing its activity.  However, in disease states, there is an association with an imbalance of IL-18 to IL-18BP resulting in increased levels of IL-18 in circulation.  
Now recognised as an important regulator of innate and acquired immune responses, high levels of IL-18 are expressed at sites of chronic inflammation, in autoimmune diseases, in allergic diseases, in a variety of cancers, and in numerous infectious diseases. 
IL-18 also plays a major role in the production of interferon-γ from T-cells and natural killer cells.