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SynVivo is a physiological, cell-based microchip platform that provides a morphologically and biologically realistic microenvironment allowing real-time study of cellular behavior, drug delivery and drug discovery.


SynVivo’s patented technology for recreating microvasculature scale, shape, fluidics, and cellular constructs provides the most realistic in vitro testing platform for drug discovery, delivery, efficacy, and toxicity assays.

Static well plate and linear flow channel assays cannot differentiate between shapes of drug delivery vehicles, whereas SynVivo can. As particle shape becomes a more relevant area of study for drug delivery, SynVivo can provide new insights that can help optimize drug delivery.

What it Does

SynVivo can be used to capture real-time distribution of drugs in the microvasculature. Stagnant and recirculation zones that affect overall drug delivery and distribution can be readily identified.

SynVivo can be used to quantify drug particle distribution patterns through analysis of shear rate and adhesion.

SynVivo can support the growth of endothelial cells, cancer cells and many other cell types for mimicking healthy and disease conditions. In addition, targeted drug delivery can be quantified and optimized using the in vivo morphology and fluidic conditions in SynVivo.

How it Works

Watch this short video to get an idea of how SynVivo works...


How it's Made

Starting with the scans of animal or human microvasculature networks, SynVivo creates a replica of the network on a microchip. Within this morphologically realistic network, animal or human cells are cultured and studied under physiologically realistic flow and shear conditions. For advanced studies, tumor or tissue cells can be co-cultured within and around the microvasculature network.

The platform comprises a disposable chip that is imprinted with microvascular networks, a pump to perfuse cells, reagents, and solutions, and customized software for analysis of experimental data.

Validation of SynVivo Assay

Example of SynVivo results can found at:


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