T&T Scientific

Stratech Scientific is proud to introduce NanoSizer™, the world’s first fully assembled, low-cost, single-use liposome extruders, from T&T Scientific

From bench-scale research to process-scale pharmaceutical manufacturing, NanoSizer™ extrusion technology brings confidence, convenience, and simplicity to the process of generating liposomes, polymerosomes, cell membranes, and colloidal suspensions or related therapeutics in research.

Utilizing a single-use, fully-assembled design, NanoSizer™ extrusion cartridges provide a clean, easy-to-use and quick platform for extruding up to hundreds of litres of solutions and formulations.

NanoSizer™ technology delivers significant advantages over other commercially available extrusion platforms:

Faster and Easier: The fully-assembled design reduces hands-on time, from around 45-60 minutes to as little as 2 minutes

Consistently sized liposome preps: Each NanoSizer™ extruder contains a single clean track etched polycarbonate membrane. A range of pore-sizes are available: 50 nm, 100 nm, 200 nm, 400 nm, 800 nm, 1 µm, 2 µm, 5 µm, 1 µm

Contamination-free: Single-use, fully-assembled NanoSizer™ extruders are contamination-free, with no need for cleaning harsh biological materials and molecules. NanoSizer™ Sterile extruders are sterile-packed, eliminating the need for autoclaving or further preparation -  just open the sealed sterile kit and start extruding!

Manual or Automated Processing: Automate the entire process of liposome extrusion, permitting processing litres (NanoSizer™ AUTO I) to hundreds of litres (NanoSizer™ AUTO Plus).

Cost-effective: The low dead-volume and leak-proof character of these extruders greatly reduce the loss of precious lipid or other nano- or micro- particle solutions.

50nm NanoSizer™ 100nm NanoSizer™ 200nm NanoSizer™ 400nm NanoSizer™
800nm NanoSizer™ 1000nm (1um) NanoSizer™ 5000nm (5 um)  NanoSizer™ 10000nm (10 um) NanoSizer™
50nm NanoSizer MINI 50nm NanoSizer STERILE Complete NanoSizer Extrusion Kit Liposome Extrusion Holder/Heat Block
NanoSizer™ AUTO I NanoSizer™ AUTO Plus 50 pcs Low Dead Volume Syringes and Needles