Antibody development services

Antibody conjugation

Keywords: antibody, conjugation, IgG, labeling, crosslinking, tagging

There are many varieties of antibody conjugation technologies available and each has its benefits, though no single one is optimal for every payload and antibody. Among them AAT Bioquest’s Buccutite™ crosslinking technology offer the most efficient method to conjugate antibodies with macromolecules such as enzyme tags. In addition, AAT Bioquest has used its Readilink™ technology to offer a rapid access to a variety of antibody conjugation products with small tag molecules such as fluorescent dyes, biotin, drug targets and haptens for our customers’ special needs.

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Antigen conjugation

Keywords: antigen, BSA, OVA, KLH, beads

Since its inception AAT Bioquest has provided a large number of antibody companies and research laboratories the most competitive and high quality antigen conjugation services. Our antigen conjugation service includes BSA, OVA and KLH conjugations. In addition, AAT Bioquest has also prepared antigen-resins (beads) for our customers to purify their desired antibodies.

Antigen development

Keywords: antigen, small molecules, incubation, booster, immune response

AAT Bioquest specialize in designing small molecule antigens for developing small molecule antibodies. These small molecule antigens include cell metabolites, small molecule drugs, antibiotics, insecticides and herbicides.

Cell signaling antibodies

Keywords: signal transduction, antibody modification, site-specific, phosphatase, kinase, signaling intermediates

The reactions of cells to various internal and external stimuli are transmitted via cell signaling pathways. Transferring information from one location (exterior) to another (cytoplasm, nucleus) involves many components forming signal transduction cascades or pathways. Intracellular signal transduction is often accomplished through a series of reversible protein phosphorylation events. We provide a broad portfolio of services to custom-develop phospho-specific antibodies.

Secondary antibodies

Keywords: secondary antibodies, conjugation, anti-IgG, signal amplification, secondary detection

Secondary antibodies bind to the primary antibodies to assist in detection, sorting and purification of target antigens. To enable detection, a secondary antibody must have specificity for the antibody species and isotype of the primary antibody being used and generally is conjugated. AAT Bioquest offers a variety of secondary antibodies and conjugation services.

Small molecule antibodies

Keywords: small molecules, food safety, chloramphenicol, antibiotics, quality control

AAT Bioquest specialize in designing and developing small molecule antibodies used in research, diagnostics and food safety tests. These small molecule antibodies are used for detecting cell metabolites, small molecule drugs, antibiotics, insecticides, herbicides and other small molecules of a particular interest.


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