Cell Metabolism

Metabolism is a series of chemical reactions that happen inside the biological organisms to sustain their lives. It lies at the core of biology. Metabolic processes convert food to energy that cells then use to perform essential bodily functions, to build proteins, fat or other molecules to make building blocks of cells and to dispose of waste. Major metabolic pathways are involved with energy metabolism including glycolysis, the tricarboxylic acid cycle, the pentose phosphate pathway and fatty acid synthesis. Changes in metabolic patterns are involved in the development of adverse effects such as cancer,  neurodegeneration and other metabolic disorders.

In recent times, focus has drastically shifted towards gaining knowledge of how disease state metabolism is different from its counterpart. In order to better understand the metabolic state in different cells, AAT Bioquest provides efficient metabolic assay kits for various analytical platforms such as fluorimetric, colorimetric and luminometric based analysis.

Figure 1. Acetylcholine dose response was measured in a 96-well solid black plate with Amplite™ Fluorimetric Acetylcholine Assay Kit (Cat# 11403) using a Gemini fluorescence microplate reader (Molecular devices).


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