DNA encodes all genetic information and is the blueprint from which all biological life is created. It acts as a storage device that allows the genetic material to be passed between generations. RNA functions as the reader of the blue print that is stored in the DNA. Genetic information stored in DNA is carried by the RNA, acting as a messenger in the process to the ribosomes, where it builds its proteins. This whole process is called “central dogma” of molecular biology.

The scope of nucleic acid-based assays continues to expand. There is no consensus on the choice of a method for nucleic acid detection. Key factors governing detection method choice include stability, sensitivity, speed and convenience, and the overall cost for the detection reagents and detection system. The reasons for ultrasensitive analysis in nucleic acid include analysis of genetic material from single cells and from rare cells, such as trophoblasts in maternal circulation, and single-copy gene detection. In addition, better detection methods may provide a route to assays that require fewer amplification cycles or eliminate the multicycle protocols for nucleic acid amplification reactions (e.g., PCR). Although many detection technologies, such as those based on chemiluminescence, may play an important role in the future, at present fluorescence is still the most widely used detection technique in analyzing nucleic acids.

DNA and RNA Quantifying Reagents

Helixyte™ Green dsDNA Quantifying Reagent (Cat# 17597) and StrandBrite™ Green RNA Quantifying Reagent (Cat# 17611) are optimized for double-stranded DNA and single-stranded RNA respectively. They have a high affinity for nucleic acids and an extremely large fluorescence enhancement upon binding nucleic acids, making it possible to directly detect minute amounts of nucleic acids in complex solutions within minutes, usually without interference from other biomolecules.

Advantages of Helixyte™ Green dsDNA and StrandBrite™ Green RNA quantifying reagents:

Figure 1. The quantification of calf thymus DNA with Helixyte™ Green vs. PicoGreen®. Helixyte™ Green and PicoGreen® have almost identical performance.

  • High Sensitivity: The Helixyte™ Green and StrandBrite™– based fluorescence assays are up to 10,000-fold more sensitive than UV absorbance measurements.
  • Great Selectivity: Unlike measurements of UV absorbance, these assays are not affected by the presence of proteins, free nucleotides or very short oligonucleotides, making quantitation of intact oligonucleotides and nucleic acids much more accurate in complex mixtures, such as serum or whole blood.
  • Great Convenience: These assays have a very simple protocol that requires no separation steps, making them ideal for automated, high-throughput measurements.
  • Broad Dynamic Range: Quantitation is accurate over four orders of magnitude for the Helixyte™ Green-based assays. The StrandBrite™–based fluorescence assays is accurate over three orders of magnitude.

Product Ordering Information

Table 1. Ordering Info for dsDNA Quantifying Reagents Products

Cat#Product NameUnit Size
17520Hoechst 33258 *CAS 23491-45-4*100 mg
17523Hoechst 33258 *CAS 23491-45-4*1 g
17530Hoechst 33342 *Ultrapure Grade*100 mg
17533Hoechst 33342 *Ultrapure Grade*1 g
17537Hoechst 34580 *CAS 911004-45-0*5 mg
17597Helixyte™ Green dsDNA Quantifying Reagent *200X DMSO Solution*1 ml
17598Helixyte™ Green dsDNA Quantifying Reagent *200X DMSO Solution*10 ml
17650Helixyte™ Green Fluorimetric dsDNA Quantitation Kit *Optimized for Microplate Readers*200 Tests
17651Helixyte™ Green Fluorimetric dsDNA Quantitation Kit *High Sensitivity*200 Tests

Table 2. Ordering Info for RNA Quantifying Reagents Products

Cat#Product NameUnit Size
17610StrandBrite™ Green RNA Quantifying Reagent *200X DMSO Solution*1 ml
17611StrandBrite™ Green RNA Quantifying Reagent *200X DMSO Solution*10 ml
17655StrandBrite™ Green Fluorimetric RNA Quantitation Kit *Optimized for Microplate Readers*1000 Tests
17656StrandBrite™ Green Fluorimetric RNA Quantitation Kit100 Tests
17657StrandBrite™ Green Fluorimetric RNA Quantitation Kit *High Selectivity*100 Tests


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