Murine Bispecific Antibody Reagents

Bispecific antibodies are an exciting class of therapeutics permitting simultaneous engagement of two distinct targets with the same antibody. Knob-into-hole (KIH) bispecific antibodies are playing an important role in drug development, as this pioneering format enables heavy-chain heterodimerization and the creation of an IgG-like antibody with different targets on each arm. However, researchers have lacked syngeneic mouse models for evaluating KIH bispecific combinations, as the mutations applied to human IgG1 cannot be readily transferred to murine IgG subtypes.

To address this, Absolute Antibody has developed the first commercially available platform for the generation of fully murine KIH bispecific antibodies. Customers can purchase bispecific antibodies from our catalog off-the-shelf, or mix-and-match targets from the catalog to build their own custom reagent, to enable easier evaluations of potential bispecific combinations in mouse models.

Highlights of our murine KIH bispecific antibodies include:

Our anti-mCD3ε:TRP-1 bispecific antibody led to effective killing of transgenic TRP-1+ tumor cells

  • One IgG ‘arm’ uses a single-domain binder to overcome the light-chain pairing problem
  • Our proprietary Fc Silent™ domain abrogates Fc gamma receptor and C1q binding without affecting FcRn-mediated recycling
  • Fully murine backbone for low immunogenicity in mouse models
  • Low endotoxin levels and high purity for in vivo research
  • Our T-cell-engaging CD3ε-bispecific antibodies have demonstrated success
    killing tumor cells in mouse models


In addition to our KIH bispecific antibodies, further murine bispecific antibody constructs are available in an IgG-dAb format, enabling bivalent engagement of each target and representing further antibody engineering options available to our customers. To learn more about our suggested initial go-to formats for bispecific antibodies, as well as the utility of mouse bispecifics in basic research and drug discovery.

View our off-the-shelf bispecific antibodies below, and follow the links to place your order. Please contact us to discuss creating a custom bispecific reagent, using either clones from our catalog or your own antibodies. Starting with a hybridoma cell line, purified antibody or antibody sequence, we can deliver milligram-to-gram quantities of your custom bispecific, 100% royalty-free.

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mVISTA (PD-1H)mIgG-dAb


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