Proinsulin (Total) Chemiluminescence ELISA

The Proinsulin Total Chemiluminescence ELISA offers superior sensitivity compared to other kits in the market. The assay measures intact as well as Des (31,32) and Des (64,65) proinsulin. It utilizes a dual-monoclonal antibody sandwich format, tri-level control set, and 96-well microplate comprising removable strips

Broad Dynamic Range (5 – 3,000 pg/mL)
Significantly reduces sample preparation time by eliminating dilution steps and the guesswork involved in determining dilution factors, saving time and money. No guessing, no diluting, no repeating.

The assay offers a high sensitivity of 0.455 pg/mL.

Highly Characterized
100% cross reactivity to Human Intact Proinsulin, Human Des(64,65) Proinsulin, <0.6% cross reactivity to Human Insulin, and <0.1% 0% cross reactivity to Human C-Peptide

Lot Validation Package
Lot validation includes functional sensitivity, inter- and intra-assay precision, accuracy, LLOQ , and ULOQ

Reference Material, Webinar: Proinsulin, Insulin and Beta Cell Dysfunction


UBC Professor Bruce Verchere, PhD discusses the significance of proinsulin and insulin as biomarkers to probe beta cell dysfunction.

Product Details


Catalog Number: 80-PINHUT-CH01
Description: Proinsulin (Total) Chemiluminescence ELISA
Species Types: Human
Sample Types: Cell Culture, EDTA Plasma, Heparin Plasma, Serum, Tissue Culture
Sample Sizes: 50 µL
Available Sizes: 96 Tests, 96 Wells
Range: 5 pg/mL – 3000 pg/mL
Sensitivity: 0.455 pg/mL
Incubation: 2 hour(s) 30 minute(s)
Protocol: Proinsulin (Total) Chemiluminescence ELISA
Material Safety Data Sheet: Proinsulin (Total) Chemiluminescence ELISA
Regulatory Status: Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.


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