Removing Solvent From a Small Amount of Lipid

Do not cover the container with parafilm when chloroform is present

Caution: This procedure should be performed under a fume hood

Using a clean glass (not plastic) syringe remove the desired volume of organic solvent (chloroform) from the stock bottle.

Transfer the organic solvent to a glass container.

The best geometry for the shape of the glass container is a small Erlenmeyer flask or test tube with a volume at least 20 times larger than the sample volume.

Remove the chloroform from the product by blowing a “slow” stream of argon or nitrogen gas over the chloroform solution.

Test the flow of the gas from the disposable Pasteur pipette tip by putting the pipette tip near your lips. The strength of the gas stream should be constant but not strong enough to splash the solvent out of the container. Evaporation of chloroform will cause the container to cool, therefore hold the container in your hand to apply body heat to the container.

For a small aliquot (1ml-2ml) , the amount of time required is approximately 5 minutes.

The product will look waxy when completed.

To remove the last traces of chloroform put the container on a vacuum system for 1-2hrs.

Use argon or nitrogen to release the vacuum.





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