Low temperature tissue lysis using the Cellcrusher

Cryogenic tissue pulverisers are used to disrupt frozen tissues with a strong extracellular matrix, such as tumours, seeds or venous tissues. The purpose of this disruption is protein extraction from tissue. When such samples are placed in liquid nitrogen, the water in the samples freezes and becomes extremely brittle. If struck sharply, these frozen samples can shatter into a collection of very fine fragments.

However, without a frozen tissue pulveriser to contain the fragments, and maintain them at a low enough temperature to avoid melting, this method of tissue lysis is of limited utility. Using a mortar and pestle with liquid nitrogen was time consuming, laborious and wasted a lot of valuable sample, such as tumours or biopsies. The Cellcrusher tissue pulveriser’s curved surfaces facilitate easy sample recovery and cleaning, while the ergonomic design of the device, and the accompanying accessories allow for easy manipulation of the device at low temperatures. Previously, cell disruption with other pulverizers required use of awkward freezer gloves and loss of valuable sample, due to poor design.

CellCrusher also offer a drill bit accessory which is used with the tissue pulveriser and a household drill. This accessory is employed when difficult tissue lysis tasks such as zebrafish embryo lysis, seed disruption or yeast lysis are necessary. Additionally, the Cellcrusher can be cleaned at liquid nitrogen temperatures, saving the time and effort needed to warm, clean and subsequently re-cool an extremely cold metal object. Therefore, we are confident that the Cellcrusher is the best cryogenic tissue pulveriser on the market.

Cellcrusher also offer a range of gradient mixers. This gradient mixer range features innovative designs that will facilitate the production of linear, non-linear and exponential gradients.


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