Clophosome® – Clodronate Liposomes

FormuMax proudly offers two products of clodronate liposomes. Clophosome® with the clodronate molecules encapsulated in neutral liposomes is capable of achieving macrophage depletion of 80-90% in spleen after a single intravenous or intraperitoneal administration. Clophosome®-A composed of anionic lipids further improve the efficacy in macrophage depletion to above 90% in spleen after a single intravenous injection. Clodronate molecules are encapsulated in small MLV liposomes for superior activity, physical and chemical stability, and

For your convenience, the products are provided in various combo kits and vial sizes (2mL and 10mL). Evaluation samples are also available upon request. See below for results and product details.



Flow cytometry results demonstration depletion of F4/80-hi CD11b-lo/int macrophages of the mouse spleen 24 hr after i.v. injection of liposomes (results used with permission)



Flow cytometry results demonstration depletion of F4/80-hi CD11b-lo/int macrophages of the mouse spleen 24 hr after i.p. injection of liposomes (results used with permission)

(Note: the above results are illustrations only, your results may vary depending on individual applications, types of animals and administration regimens and many other factors)

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  • Product sheet for Clophosome®
  • Product Sheet for Clophosome®- A
  • MSDS


CLEAN with alcohol and DO NOT reuse the needles

It is very important to follow this instruction, particularly for long-term macrophage depletion (more than a week). Animals become sensitive to infection when macrophages are depleted and their immune system is compromised. Animal sickness and even death may result if they are handled improperly. It is extremely important to conduct the injection in a clean environment. Withdraw the liposomes through the rubber stopper (clean with alcohol first) with a new sterile needle. Always clean the injection site with alcohol and use a new and sterile needle for each injection. Keep the animal cages clean.  Open the vials in a biological safety cabinet (BSC hood) and DO NOT contaminate the Clophosomes.

A good practice is to include a few extra animals for long-term experiments, as occasional animal death may occur. Test with a small group of animals first if you are a new user or using a new administration regimen. Treated properly these animals (mice) could survive for over a month even with twice-a-week injection of our clodronate liposomes.


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