GeneTex is proud to launch its new VetSignal™ line of products to advance veterinary science research. These antibodies and other reagents will greatly facilitate studies involving animal health, veterinary disease model and diagnostics development, animal welfare and reproduction, food security, public health, and emerging infectious diseases.

At GeneTex, we understand that researchers require high-quality antibodies to achieve accurate and reproducible results. We recognize the importance of stringent reagent validation through implementation of various strategies to confirm antibody specificity and sensitivity. All of the VetSignal™ products are fully guaranteed to perform in the species and applications demonstrated on their respective datasheets.

For more information about VetSignal™ antibodies and reagents, or if you are interested in testing these antibodies in previously untested species, please contact our Technical Support Team at

beta Actin antibody [GT5512]-VetSignal™ (GTX634934)

GAPDH antibody-VetSignal™ (GTX135012)

Vimentin antibody-VetSignal™ (GTX135083)

Creatine kinase (muscle) antibody-VetSignal™  (GTX134955)

beta Catenin antibody-VetSignal™ (GTX134941)

E-Cadherin antibody-VetSignal™ (GTX135001)

ZO-1 antibody-VetSignal™ (GTX135089)

Integrin beta 1 / CD29 antibody-VetSignal™ (GTX135099)

Bmi1 antibody-VetSignal™ (GTX134944)

Cytokeratin 18 antibody-VetSignal™ (GTX134973)

Cytokeratin 19 antibody-VetSignal™ (GTX134976)

E-Cadherin antibody-VetSignal™ (GTX134997)

Cyclin D1 antibody-VetSignal™ (GTX134959)

Caspase 8 antibody-VetSignal™ (GTX134950)

beta Catenin antibody-VetSignal™ (GTX134938)

Albumin antibody-VetSignal™ (GTX134897)

Vimentin antibody [GT7812]-VetSignal™ (GTX635085)

Desmin antibody-VetSignal™ (GTX134990)

Creatine kinase (muscle) antibody-VetSignal™ (GTX134955)

Bcl-2 antibody-VetSignal™


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