FabuLight™ Fab Anti-Fc Fragment Secondary Antibodies

Label Primary Antibodies In Solution Without Compromising Activity

FabuLight antibodies are Fab fragment secondary antibodies specific to the Fc region of IgG or IgM primary antibodies. They are available conjugated with 9 different fluorophores and biotin, and enable labeling of primary antibodies prior to incubation with cells or tissue. This provides a time saving alternative to sequential incubation flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry procedures, without compromising the active site of the primary antibody.

List of FabuLight Antibodies

Possible uses of FabuLights also include labeling cell surface immunoglobulins without cross-linking and activating B cells, and labeling Fc chimeras (fusion proteins).

FabuLights are not provided cross-adsorbed against other species, so blocking steps may be required to avoid labeling endogenous immunoglobulins. For advice on developing protocols check out our example protocol page or refer to the  FabuLight white paper.

Save Time and Preserve Cells by Reducing Incubation and Washing Steps

Incubation with FabuLight-labeled primary antibodies requires fewer washes than sequential incubation with primary antibodies and labeled secondary antibodies, thereby reducing damage to cells in flow cytometry protocols. Incubation steps in protocols requiring multiple primary antibodies from the same host animal are also reduced.

No Interference With the Primary Antibody Active Site

FabuLight binds to the Fc portion of the primary antibody (either anti IgG, Fcγ


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