Cell Labeling

Fluorescent reporter and Protein & Nucleotide internalization reagents

The visualization of cells and cellular structures as well as the tracking and modulation of nucleic acid and proteins in living cells is mandatory to identifiy, map and analyze the underlying biochemical processes of cell signaling.

Fluorescent-labeled chemical reporters allow the direct detection of a specific target however, only a fraction of them is cell-permeable. The lack of cell-permeability can be overcome by protein and nucleic acid internalization kits that allow an efficient and low-toxic internalization of proteins/peptides and nucleotides, respectively.

Fluorescent Hormones

Estradiol Glow is the ovarian steroid hormone 17-β-Estradiol labeled with a novel low molecular weight orange/red fluorophore, thus retaining its chemical properties and its biological activity. This allows for a wide range of applications including

  • analysis of in vivo and in vitro steroid uptake in real time
  • monitoring of intracellular and subcellular steroid transport
  • studies on steroid-binding proteins
  • use as tracer for steroid immunoassays (to replace isotopes or enzymes)
  • photodynamic elimination of estrogen sensitive tissues and cells in experimental settings with possible future clinical implications

Figure 1: 1 µm section of 3T3 cells incubated with Estradiol Glow shows internalization and subcellualar compartimentalization.

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