DNA purification

No centrifuge – No problem!

You could have finished DNA isolation in no time, if only…

…the centrifuge hadn’t been occupied all day
…there had been something left from the maxi prep
…it hadn’t been tons of samples to process at the same time

Learn about better ways!

Everyone knows how centrifugation protocols can be tedious and time-consuming! Why not applying a separation method that:

…does not require centrifuges or vacuum manifolds?
…provides mini-, midi- & maxi-scale isolation in one kit?
…is ready for (semi/fully) automated sample processing?

Jena Bioscience offers magnetic separation kits & accessories to meet these requirements. They capture genomic DNA or RNA selectively by use of reversible binding to SiO2 coated paramagnetic beads. Find suitable products below.

Product Cat-No. Features
MagBeads Blood DNA Preparation Kit PP-225 gDNA isolation from whole blood & bone marrow
MagBeads Swabs DNA Preparation Kit PP-226 gDNA isolation from any mucous epithelium samples (e.g. swabs, scrapes)
MagBeads Plasma/Serum RNA+DNA Preparation Kit PP-224 Nucleic acid isolation from blood serum or plasma
Magnetic Racks PP-229 to PP-231 Flexible use for various tube sizes

Check out how Jena Bioscience magnetic bead-based kits for DNA purification simplify lab works!



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