How to get started with Protein Crystallisation

How to get started – Protein Crystallisation Starter Kit

The Protein Crystallisation Starter Kit is designed to introduce students to the field of protein Crystallisation. It contains all material you need to start to grow great looking Lysozyme crystals – a real highlight in Biology or Chemistry courses!Two different experiments can be carried out using the Protein Crystallisation Starter Kit:

  • Growing Lysozyme crystals using the hanging drop method, demonstrating the dependence of crystal formation and crystal growth on salt concentration and buffer pH
  • Growing Lysozyme crystals within minutes using the batch Crystallisation method

The kit contains two Crystallisation plates, cover slides and a microscope slide, a syringe pre-filled with sealing grease, all necessary buffer and salt stock solutions and a small tube containing pre-filtered Lysozyme solution.

JBS Crystallisation Freshman Kit

JBS Crystallisation Freshman Kit – Junior
For newcomers in the field of protein crystallography: Set up your first 4 Crystallisation plates using our JBScreen JCSG++ reagents and see if you have beginner’s luck on the way to well diffracting protein crystals.
JBS Crystallisation Freshman Kit – Scholar
The JBS Crystallisation Freshman Kit – Scholar is the extended version of our JBS Crystallisation Freshman Kit – Junior. Our unique JBScreen Classic reagents and 40 pregreased Crystallisation plates allow a rather extensive screening of one or more proteins, peptides, nucleic acids or macromolecular complexes in order to grow single crystals suitable for X-ray diffraction analysis.

How to get started – Crystallisation Model Proteins

Jena Bioscience offers Crystallisation Model Proteins can be utilized in Crystallisation experiments as well as Crystallisation training and demos.

They offer 4 proteins which can be easily crystallized within days as lyophilized powder or in a stabilization buffer:

  • Lysozyme (Chicken egg white)
  • Lipase B (Candida antarctica)
  • Xylanase (Trichoderma longibrachiatum)
  • Proteinase K (Tritirachium album)

How to get started – Crystal Handling Kit

The Crystal Handling Kit will help you to acquire skills in protein Crystallisation, crystal mounting and data collection.

Each kit contains:

  • 4 proteins, i.e. Lysozyme, Lipase B, Xylanase and Proteinase K
  • Optimized solubilization and Crystallisation buffers for each protein
  • MicroMounts™ and Goniometer Bases, as well as
  • A user manual with instructions for protein Crystallisation using the hanging-drop vapor diffusion method and crystal mounting using MiTeGen’s MicroMounts™


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