LAMP just got even faster!

LAMP – loop-mediated DNA amplification at constant temperature (Isothermal Amplification) offers key advantages over conventional PCR. Not only cost efficiency and simplicity (no thermocycler required!) are arguments for strand displacement techniques. Also a high level of tolerance towards a large range of PCR inhibitors that enables impure sample amplification and direct detection of target genes makes this future technology interesting for diagnostics, e.g. point-of-care applications worldwide.

Here we introduce a new innovative enzyme to reduce typical amplification times by a factor of 2 – 3. Saphir Bst2.0 Turbo Polymerase benefits from an additional DNA-binding domain to ensure ultra-fast and robust amplification at 60 – 65 °C. Detect your target gene in just 5 – 10 min!

Figure 1: Rapid isothermal amplification of target DNA (100 pg, 10 pg, 1 pg template) with Saphir Bst2.0 Turbo DNA Polymerase (blue; #PCR-390) compared to normal Saphir Bst2.0 Polymerase (red, #PCR-389). Incubation at 65 °C.


Product Cat. No. Amount
Bst Polymerase
Saphir Bst2.0 Turbo Polymerase PCR-390S
Saphir Bst2.0 Polymerase PCR-389S
Bst Master Mixes
Saphir Bst2.0 Turbo GreenMaster PCR-393S
Saphir Bst2.0 GreenMaster PCR-387S
Freeze-dried / Lyophilisates
Saphir Bst2.0 Turbo GreenMaster Lyophilisates PCR-395S


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