Other Molecular Biology

DNA Preparation and Cleanup Kits remove impurities of PCR reaction mixes (e.g. primer dimers, primers, nucleotides, proteins, salt, agarose, ethidium bromide) based on silica-membrane technology. Purification of linear and circular DNA (100 bp to 10 kb) without organic extractions is achieved.

SAP-Exo Kit removes excess primers and dNTPs within 15 minutes. The kit is specially recommended to clean-up PCR products for subsequent applications like sequencing, genotyping, cloning or SNP analysis.

Prestained Protein MW Marker

Our Prestained Molecular Weight Marker are supplied in ready-to-load format containing gel loading buffer.

There is no need to heat, dilute or add reducing agents before loading.

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BlueClassic Prestained Protein Marker PS-107 10-180 kDa Ready-to-use prestained protein ladder BlueRay Prestained Protein Marker PS-103 10-180 kDa Ready-to-use prestained protein ladder
BlueEye Prestained Protein Marker PS-104 10-245 kDa Ready-to-use prestained protein ladder BlueElf Prestained Protein Marker PS-105 5-245 kDa Ready-to-use prestained protein ladder

Buffers and Molecular Biology Reagents

Jena Bioscience offers a broad range of pre-mixed buffers and stock solutions, provided ready-to-use.

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Ammonium Acetate Solution 5 M BU-101 PBS Buffer pH 7.6 – 1x conc. BU-115-1 TBE Buffer – 10x conc. BU-120
Calcium Chloride Solution 2.5 M BU-103 PBS Buffer pH 7.6 – 10x conc. BU-115-10 Tris-EDTA Buffer pH 7.6 – 1x conc. BU-121-1
EDTA Solution 0.5 M pH 8.0 BU-105 PCR-grade Water PCR-258 Tris-EDTA Buffer pH 7.6 – 100x conc. BU-121-100
Hepes Buffer 1 M pH 7.0 BU-106-70 Potassium Chlorid Solution 100 mM BU-108-100 SDS PAGE Sample Buffer – 2x conc. BU-126
Hepes Buffer 1 M pH 7.5 BU-106-75 Potassium Acetate Solution 3 M pH 5.2 BU-107 Tris-Glycine Buffer – 10x conc. BU-122
Magnesium Chloride Solution 100 mM BU-110-100 Potassium Chlorid Solution 3 M BU-108-3M Tris-HCl Buffer 1 M pH 7.0 BU-124-70
Magnesium Chloride Solution 1 M BU-110-1M Sodium Acetate Solution 3 M pH 5.2 BU-113 Tris-HCl Buffer 1 M pH 7.5 BU-125
Magnesium Sulfate Solution 100 mM BU-111-100 Sodium Chloride Solution 5 M BU-114-5M Tris-HCl Buffer 1 M pH 8.0 BU-124-80
Magnesium Sulfate Solution 1 M BU-111-1M TAE Buffer – 10x conc. BU-119-10 Tris-HCl Buffer 1 M pH 8.5 BU-124-85
MES Buffer 1 M pH 6.5 BU-109 TAE Buffer – 50x conc. BU-119-50
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MeatDetect qPCR Kit Pork (Halal) PCR-701 MeatDetect qPCR Kit Pork+Horse (Halal) PCR-702
Products & Ordering
HT-MSI+ Analysis Kit PCR-704
Analysis of Microsatellite Instability (MSI) in Tumor Cells by Fluorescent Multiplex PCR


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