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Validated Covid-19 Testkit and Virus RNA Prep Kit available

After an increased demand due to the Corona Pandemic we can now offer:

RNA Extraction

• Efficient extraction of viral RNA
• Samples from swabs, sputum, blood, serum, plasma, cell-free body fluids, pathogen-infected tissue
• Extraction in 30 min time
• Silica-gel membrane technology

Amplification & Detection

• Complete validated (CE IVD) Covid-19test kit
• Test results in less than 90 min
• Samples from swabs, sputum, blood, stool, urine
• E/RdRP genes based testing according to WHO reference

• According to Charité Protocol
• SCRIPT One-Step RT-qPCR ProbesMaster (high ROX, lowROX)
• SCRIPT Reverse Transcriptase
• dNTP solutions & mixes


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