Transfection Kits and Reagents

Neuromic’s have seen the need for providing products and methods that enable improved transfection  in-vitro and in-vivo. Their transfection kits are pushing the boundaries. Check out Neuromci’s customer publications referencing the delivery of siRNA, shRNA, miRNA, Plasmids and Viruses to cell cultures and the CNS in vivo (via intrathecal, epidural and intraventricular injection). Genes studied include: ABCA, ASIC, β-arrestin, CAV1.2, CX3CR1, DOR, ELOVL4, IKBKAP, K+-ATPase, KV1.1, KV9.1 ,The β3 subunit of the Na+,K+-ATPase, NTS1, NAV1.8, NTS1, NOV, Raf-1, RANK, SNSR1, hTert, NOV, Survivin, TLR4, Troy and TRPV1.

Image: i-FectTM in action. DOR-immunoreactivity in the dorsal horn of the spinal cord after vehicle, siRNA + i-Fect or mismatch (MM) RNA+ i-Fect  treatment. The immunoreactivity of DOR was predominantly found in laminae I/II of the dorsal horn. The immunolabelling was significantly lower in tissue from siRNA + i-Fect treated rats. Tissues taken 72 hours after the last siRNA injection (siRNA recovery) show similar level of immunoreactivity for DOR when compared with vehicle or MM RNA controls. Each image is representative of multiple sections from 3 rats per treatment group. Molecular Pain 2005, 1:29 For information on how siRNA works see Nature Animation.

Transfection Kits and Reagents

i-Fect ™A novel cationic lipid formulation specifically designed for efficient delivery of 27mer DsiRNAs(dicer substrate small Interfering RNAs)& 21mer siRNAs (small interfering RNAs) in vitro and in vivo. i-Fect ™ Hi Put 96i-Fect based system for high throughput delivery of siRNAs (small interfering RNAs) into a wide variety of cell types.
n-Fect™A cationic lipid that has been specifically formulated for nervous system applications. n-Fect provides higher transfection efficiency than other commercially available broad-spectrum transfection reagents for glial cells, neuronal cell lines, and certain primary neuronal cultures. n-Blast™A broad-spectrum transfection reagent successfully used in many cell types commonly used by neuroscientists.
p-Fect™Designed to delivery plasmids, DNA or RNA to hard to transfect Cell Lines. pn-Fect™The latest advance in transfection technology for primary neuronal cells. This unique reagent provides ultra-high plasmid DNA delivery efficiencies and low cytotoxicity compared to competitive reagents.
pro-Fect™Is a unique lipid-based formulation that allows the delivery of proteins, peptides or other bioactive molecules into a broad range of cell types. DNA-Fect™in vitro DNA-Fect Transfection Reagent contains a patent-pending blend of new gene delivery compounds, which greatly facilitate transfection of DNA to various established cell lines as well as primary cells.
MATra™ ProductsProvides a system for Magnetically Driving the transfection process enhancing the performance of transfectants. MATra™ Data, Images and TestimonialsIncludes Transfection of hepatocyte, Cortical, Cerebrellar, Neuroblastoma, Carcinoma Cells and More
Penetratin-1™A peptide for delivering small molecules into Neurons and other cells. MP Biomedical is the manufacturer of Penetratin-1 DsiRNA Transfection AllianceOptimizing Transfection Using Dicer System siRNA
intra-i-Fect™Delivers siRNA intravenously!-tissue specific, easy and fast. Uses proprietary nanoparticle based systems.


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