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The nervous system, which refers to the combined central and peripheral nervous systems, is characterized by intricate interactions between neuronal and glial cells. Neurons receive, process, and relay both internal and external information. Glial cells, once thought to serve primarily as “nerve glue”, are now known to be necessary for neuronal cell support, metabolism, and activity. Identifying a particular glial or neuronal cell population is essential for dissecting its specific role in maintaining nervous system function. Each cell type expresses various factors, including adhesion molecules, cytoskeletal proteins, transcription factors, and surface receptors, among others. Detection of these factors, or “markers”, through the use of antibodies is the best way to distinguish individual cell types for further study.

Brn2 antibody (GTX114650) 

£10 for 10ul of Neural Markers Antibodies

A transcription factor expressed predominantly in the CNS. It plays an important role in mammalian neurogenesis.

NeuroD1 antibody (GTX133207)

£10 for 10ul of Neural Markers Antibodies

A transcription factor involved in neuronal differentiation required for dendrite morphogenesis and maintenance in the cerebellum.

PGP9.5 antibody (GTX109637)  

£10 for 10ul of Neural Markers Antibodies

PGP9.5 belongs to the ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase family of proteins, and is expressed in neurons and in cells of the diffuse neuroendocrine system and their tumors.

LMX1B antibody (GTX129831)   

£10 for 10ul of Neural Markers Antibodies

A transcription factor essential for the normal development of dorsal limb structures, the glomerular basement membrane, the anterior segment of the eye, and dopaminergic and serotonergic neurons.

Cat NumberAntibody TargetHost & ClonalityReactivityApplication
GTX134052DoublecortinRb pAbMs,RatWB, ICC/IF, IHC-P, IHC-Fr
GTX133210OTX2Rb pAbHu,Ms,RatWB, IHC-P, IHC-Fr
GTX133207NeuroD1Rb pAbHu,RatWB, IHC-Fr
GTX132974NeuNRb pAbMs,RatWB, ICC/IF, IHC-P, IHC-Fr
GTX132732OLIG2Rb pAbHu,Ms,Rat,PigWB, ICC/IF, IHC-P, IHC-Fr
GTX134088TBR2 / EomesRb pAbMs,RatWB, ICC/IF, IHC-P
GTX133108Myelin basic ProteinRb pAbHu,Ms,RatWB, IHC-P, IHC-Fr, IHC
GTX106283MOG [C2C3], C-termRb pAbMs,RatWB, ICC/IF, IHC-Fr
GTX109121Glutamine synthetaseRb pAbHu,Ms,RatWB, ICC/IF, IHC-P, IHC-Fr, IP
GTX133151Aquaporin 4Rb pAbMs,RatWB, ICC/IF, IHC-P, IHC-Fr
GTX113241PAX6Rb pAbHu,Ms,RatWB, ICC/IF, IHC-P, IHC-Fr, IP
GTX129831LMX1BRb pAbMs,RatWB, IHC-Fr
GTX125988GABARb pAbHu,Ms,Rat,DmICC/IF, IHC-P, IHC-Fr, Dot, IHC
GTX101881GAD67Rb pAbHu,Ms,RatWB, ICC/IF, IHC-P, IHC-Fr, IHC
GTX109637PGP9.5Rb pAbHu,Ms,RatWB, ICC/IF, IHC-P, IHC-Fr
GTX101507SOX2 [N1C3]Rb pAbHu,Ms,RatWB, ICC/IF, IHC-P, IHC-Fr, FACS, IP
GTX114650Brn2Rb pAbHu,Ms,Rat,ChmpWB, ICC/IF, IHC-P, IHC-Fr, IP, ChIP
GTX127345N-CadherinRb pAbHu,Ms,RatWB, ICC/IF, IHC-P, IHC-Fr
Cat NumberAntibody TargetHost & ClonalityReactivityApplication
GTX635178DAG1/beta Dystroglycan [GT9112]MouseHu,MsWB, IHC-P
GTX634812VAMP2 [GT6311]MouseMs,RatWB, ICC/IF, IHC-P
GTX634535Vinculin [GT3210]MouseHu,Ms,RatWB, IHC-P
GTX634485Musashi 1 [GT2377]MouseHu,MsWB
GTX634483NF-M [GT883]MouseMs,RatWB, IHC-P, IHC-Fr, IHC
GTX634481Tyrosine Hydroxylase [GT234]MouseMs,RatWB, IHC-P
GTX634473MAP2 [GT925]MouseMs,RatWB, ICC/IF, IHC-P
GTX634455nNOS [GT5978]MouseMs,RatWB, ICC/IF
GTX634352SP1 [GT2574]MouseHuWB, ICC/IF, IHC-P
GTX634336LAMP1 [GT25212]MouseHu,Ms,RatWB, ICC/IF, IHC-P
GTX634289NF-H [GT114]MouseHu,Ms,RatWB, ICC/IF, IHC-P, IHC-Fr
GTX634218Arginase 1 [GT5811]MouseHu,MsWB, IHC-P, FACS, ELISA, sELISA
GTX634188IL1 beta [GT289]MouseHuWB, ICC/IF
GTX633818p63 [GT1179]MouseHuWB, ICC/IF, IHC-P

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£10 for 10ul of Neural Markers Antibodies


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£10 for 10ul of Neural Markers Antibodies


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