£10 for 10ul of selected antibodies

Below is a small selection of antibodies included in the offer. Send us your target of interest to find out if we have a £10 antibody for it.

Use promotion code GTX10 – terms and condition apply*

Catalogue Number Product Name Catalogue Number Product Name
GTX134712 3-Methoxytyramine antibody GTX132889 LC3A antibody
GTX129900 5-HT2B receptor antibody GTX133876 Lck (phospho Tyr394) antibody
GTX131835 5-HT4 receptor antibody GTX132861 LDL Receptor antibody
GTX134711 5-Hydroxytryptophan antibody GTX134709 L-DOPA antibody
GTX133362 ABAT antibody GTX134076 LHX3 antibody
GTX132946 ABCA1 antibody GTX134466 LIFR antibody
GTX130534 ACE antibody GTX132773 Lipocalin-2 antibody
GTX635897 ACE2 antibody [GT19410] GTX134047 LMX1A antibody
GTX636265 ACE2 antibody [HL1092] GTX119959 LRRC1 antibody
GTX133974 Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase 1 (phospho Ser79) antibody GTX133276 LRRC4 antibody
GTX636298 AChE antibody [HL1102] GTX131026 LRRFIP1 antibody
GTX130081 ADAM9 antibody GTX133135 LRRK2 antibody
GTX134713 Agmatine antibody GTX131377 LUM antibody
GTX132965 AGTR1 antibody GTX130454 LYN (phospho Tyr397) antibody
GTX129013 AHR antibody GTX130679 LYRIC antibody
GTX131243 AJAP1 antibody GTX133081 LYVE1 antibody
GTX134670 Ajuba antibody GTX131332 MACC1 antibody
GTX128456 AKT1 antibody GTX130249 MADD antibody
GTX636416 AKT1 antibody [HL1145] GTX134260 MADH7 antibody
GTX132417 AKT3 (E17K Mutant Specific) antibody GTX133209 MAP1B antibody
GTX633822 ALDH1A3 antibody [GT926] GTX634473 MAP2 antibody [GT925]
GTX131047 ALDH1L1 antibody GTX133363 MARS antibody
GTX135226 ALIX antibody GTX111481 MASTL antibody
GTX131151 ALKBH3 antibody GTX132095 MAT1A antibody
GTX130257 ALOX12 antibody GTX131242 MBD5 antibody
GTX131311 Alpha fetoprotein / AFP antibody GTX132722 MBL2 antibody
GTX133356 alpha Internexin antibody GTX131626 MCT4 antibody
GTX130429 AMPK alpha 1 (phospho Thr183) + AMPK alpha 2 (phospho Thr172) antibody GTX133996 MDM2 (phospho Ser166) antibody
GTX132674 AMPK alpha 2 antibody GTX131860 MED10 antibody
GTX134594 AMPK beta 1 antibody GTX131181 MED19 antibody
GTX135345 Androgen Receptor (ARv7 Splice Variant) antibody GTX135254 Merlin antibody
GTX635842 Androgen Receptor (ARv7 Splice Variant) antiboy [HL1028] GTX135140 MFF antibody
GTX636021 Androgen Receptor antibody [HL1049] GTX133351 MFN1 antibody
GTX134803 ANKRD16 antibody GTX134774 MFN2 antibody
GTX634219 ANP antibody [GT1068] GTX132899 mGluR5 antibody
GTX135344 Anterior Gradient 2 antibody GTX132112 MICB antibody
GTX635838 Anterior Gradient 2 antibody [HL1024] GTX132305 Mint3 antibody
GTX134259 AP2 gamma antibody GTX634538 MMP1 antibody [GT2649]
GTX132948 AP2A1 antibody GTX132884 MMP14 antibody
GTX135994 Apolipoprotein B antibody GTX634832 MMP2 antibody [GT185]
GTX121456 Apolipoprotein CI antibody GTX636524 MMP2 antibody [HL1207]
GTX129994 Apolipoprotein CIII antibody GTX636525 MMP2 antibody [HL1208]
GTX635891 Apolipoprotein E antibody [GT1627] GTX129483 MPG antibody
GTX132870 Aquaporin 1 antibody GTX134373 MPYS antibody
GTX133151 Aquaporin 4 antibody GTX132761 MPZ antibody
GTX132400 Aquaporin 5 antibody GTX130181 MRP2 antibody
GTX634218 Arginase 1 antibody [GT5811] GTX133948 MST1 (phospho Thr183) + MST2 (phospho Thr180) antibody
GTX636575 Artemis antibody [HL1227] GTX134078 MSX1 antibody
GTX131536 AS160 / TBC1D4 antibody GTX133190 mTOR (phospho Ser2481) antibody
GTX119425 ASB5 antibody GTX135631 Mucin 4 antibody
GTX133105 ASCL1 antibody GTX135929 MURF1 antibody
GTX635691 ASFV p54 antibody [GT1075] GTX634485 Musashi 1 antibody [GT2377]
GTX636562 ASFV p54 antibody [HL1218] GTX634292 Myelin basic protein antibody [GT3412]
GTX636563 ASFV p54 antibody [HL1219] GTX635873 Myelin basic Protein antibody [HL1033]
GTX133878 ASK1 (phospho Ser966) antibody GTX134433 Myelin PLP antibody
GTX133257 Ataxin 1 antibody GTX135126 Myeloperoxidase antibody
GTX130420 ATF1 (phospho Ser63) antibody GTX133378 MYH10 antibody
GTX132449 ATG10 antibody GTX133377 MYH9 antibody
GTX132435 ATG101 antibody GTX131414 Myosin Heavy Chain 11 antibody
GTX132583 ATG16L2 antibody GTX128785 Myosin Light Chain 2 antibody
GTX129276 ATG4B antibody GTX130866 NAP1L1 antibody
GTX133617 ATG4D antibody GTX134494 Nav1.7 antibody
GTX132439 ATG9B antibody GTX133883 NBS1 (phospho Ser343) antibody
GTX636086 ATM (phospho Ser1981) antibody [HL1062] GTX634792 NCAM antibody [GT135]
GTX132925 ATP5B antibody GTX132978 NDUFA9 antibody
GTX133852 ATR (phospho Ser428) antibody GTX134444 NEDD4 antibody
GTX134467 Aurora A antibody GTX129608 NEIL1 antibody
GTX132702 Aurora B antibody GTX132565 NEIL2 antibody
GTX131598 B4GALT1 antibody GTX130828 Nek1 antibody
GTX134480 BACE1 antibody GTX632192 NELF-E antibody [E1C1]
GTX131429 BACH1 antibody GTX133112 Nestin antibody
GTX134790 BAFF antibody GTX133213 Netrin 1 antibody
GTX132094 BARD1 antibody GTX133230 Netrin 4 antibody
GTX135928 BATF antibody GTX133127 NeuN antibody
GTX134514 BDNF antibody GTX133355 Neuregulin-1 antibody
GTX133857 Beclin 1 (phospho Ser90) antibody GTX134069 NeuroD1 antibody
GTX134715 beta Alanine antibody GTX133281 Neurofascin antibody
GTX635160 Beta amyloid (1-42) antibody – Conformation Specific antibody [GT622] GTX132099 Neurofibromin antibody
GTX132107 Beta-gal antibody GTX134080 Neurogenin 1 antibody
GTX134714 beta-Hydroxy-GABA antibody GTX134074 Neurogranin antibody
GTX636515 BNIP3L antibody [HL1203] GTX133208 Neuroligin 1 antibody
GTX134133 Brachyury antibody GTX131085 Neuroligin 3 antibody
GTX135414 B-Raf (K601E Mutant) antibody GTX133138 Neuropeptide Y antibody
GTX636326 BrdU antibody [HL1111] GTX133792 Neurotrophin 4 antibody
GTX120740 BTBD16 antibody GTX634289 NF-H antibody [GT114]
GTX130490 BTF antibody GTX129228 NFIL3 antibody
GTX133592 BTK (phospho Tyr551) antibody GTX133899 NFkB p65 (phospho Ser536) antibody
GTX636508 C1 inhibitor antibody [HL1196] GTX134085 NF-L antibody
GTX636509 C1 inhibitor antibody [HL1197] GTX634483 NF-M antibody [GT883]
GTX134007 C1qA antibody GTX130401 NG2 antibody
GTX133726 C3G antibody GTX134431 NHERF1 antibody
GTX130821 C4BP antibody GTX132955 NIFK antibody
GTX132704 C6 antibody GTX133121 NKX2.1 antibody
GTX132977 C7 antibody GTX133220 Nkx2.2 antibody
GTX133980 c-Abl (phospho Tyr245) antibody GTX133569 NLRP3 antibody
GTX133294 CADM4 antibody GTX131894 NMBR antibody
GTX634833 Calbindin antibody [GT386] GTX133097 NMDAR1 antibody
GTX634835 Calmodulin antibody [GT117] GTX134064 NMDAR2A antibody
GTX133071 CaMKII alpha antibody GTX133099 NMDAR2B antibody
GTX135117 CaMKII antibody GTX130852 NMT1 antibody
GTX133072 CaMKII beta antibody GTX131391 NMU antibody
GTX129513 Capicua antibody GTX133721 n-Myc antibody
GTX133976 Cardiac Troponin I (phospho Ser23/Ser24) antibody GTX634455 nNOS antibody [GT5978]
GTX133275 CASK antibody GTX133262 Noelin antibody
GTX134551 Caspase 1 p10 subunit antibody GTX133222 Noggin antibody
GTX132298 Caspase 12 antibody GTX135786 NOTCH1 antibody
GTX134552 Caspase 4 antibody GTX132753 NPHS2 antibody
GTX134362 Caspase 6 (cleaved Asp162) antibody GTX133574 NPRL3 antibody
GTX134589 Caspase 8 p10 antibody GTX132727 NRCAM antibody
GTX133272 CASPR antibody GTX135165 NRF2 antibody
GTX133016 Cathepsin A antibody GTX635826 NRF2 antibody [HL1021]
GTX133019 Cathepsin D antibody GTX133249 NSE antibody
GTX131906 Cav beta 2 antibody GTX135275 NSMase2 antibody
GTX120766 CCDC91 antibody GTX132891 Nucleolin antibody
GTX132707 CCR10 antibody GTX636570 Nucleoporin p62 antibody [HL1226]
GTX134493 CD11b antibody GTX132731 Nup153 antibody
GTX130098 CD166 antibody GTX133225 Nurr1 antibody
GTX131703 CD169 antibody GTX133723 OCT2 antibody
GTX135137 CD26 antibody GTX627419 Oct4 antibody [GT486]
GTX130274 CD31 antibody GTX132732 OLIG2 antibody
GTX130221 CD317 antibody GTX636104 OLIG2 antibody [HL1072]
GTX133371 CD32 antibody GTX114599 OMG antibody
GTX132579 CD38 antibody GTX129917 OPA1 antibody
GTX132762 CD47 antibody GTX133720 OPN1SW antibody
GTX132874 CD59 antibody GTX132575 Optineurin antibody
GTX135220 CD63 antibody GTX132703 Osteocalcin antibody
GTX134008 CD68 antibody GTX132742 Osteopontin antibody
GTX131291 CD79a antibody GTX634648 OTUB1 antibody [GT611]
GTX135297 CD81 antibody GTX133210 OTX2 antibody
GTX135296 CD9 antibody GTX133337 p130Cas antibody
GTX134082 CD90 antibody GTX635841 p63 antibody [HL1027]
GTX133860 CDC2 (phospho Thr14) antibody GTX132967 p67phox antibody
GTX128153 CDC25C (phospho Ser216) antibody GTX133467 p90 RSK1 (phospho Ser380) antibody
GTX123498 CDCA4 antibody GTX135128 Palladin antibody
GTX635978 CDH11 antibody [HL1044] GTX133368 pan Synuclein antibody
GTX130416 CDK5 (phospho Tyr15) antibody GTX130002 PARG antibody
GTX635639 CDKN2A / p16INK4a antibody [GT888] GTX636483 PARP14 antibody [HL1178]
GTX109081 CEACAM7 antibody GTX636485 PARP14 antibody [HL1180]
GTX134430 CENPA antibody GTX132759 Parvalbumin antibody
GTX134005 CGRP antibody GTX133116 PAX2 antibody
GTX131779 CHD3 antibody GTX634390 PAX3 antibody [GT1210]
GTX131065 CHD5 antibody GTX634863 PAX6 antibody [GT9412]
GTX135636 CHI3L1 antibody GTX135144 PAX8 antibody
GTX132170 Chk1 (phospho Ser317) antibody GTX132362 Paxillin (phospho Ser273) antibody
GTX133989 Chk2 (phospho Ser19) antibody GTX131724 PCM1 antibody
GTX635979 cIAP1 antibody [HL1045] GTX132798 PDCD4 (phospho Ser457) antibody
GTX112974 c-Jun antibody GTX133588 PDGF Receptor alpha antibody
GTX135431 c-Kit (D816V Mutant) antibody GTX133587 PDGF Receptor beta antibody
GTX132976 Clathrin Heavy chain antibody GTX110647 PDGFA antibody
GTX135322 Claudin 3 antibody GTX132895 PDIA2 / PDIP antibody
GTX131096 CLEC4E antibody GTX635975 PD-L1 antibody [HL1041]
GTX636283 CLOCK antibody [HL1099] GTX636033 PD-L1 antibody [HL1056]
GTX134435 Clusterin alpha antibody GTX134679 PDPK1 / PDK1 antibody
GTX133865 Cofilin 1 (phospho Ser3) antibody GTX135593 PEG (methoxy group) antibody
GTX131602 COL9A3 antibody GTX635825 PEG (methoxy group) antibody [HL1020]
GTX133022 Connexin 43 antibody GTX135596 Pentraxin 3 antibody
GTX133206 Contactin 1 antibody GTX128966 PER1 antibody
GTX132940 COX18 antibody GTX134478 PER2 antibody
GTX132905 COX4I2 antibody GTX634406 Perilipin 1 antibody [GT2781]
GTX135150 CP110 antibody GTX129275 PERK antibody
GTX636462 C-Peptide antibody [HL1158] GTX135223 PERP antibody
GTX636463 C-Peptide antibody [HL1159] GTX133287 PEX5L antibody
GTX133298 CPF1 antibody GTX135859 PGC1 alpha antibody
GTX135785 CPT1A antibody GTX129682 PGC1 beta antibody
GTX636468 CPT1A antibody [HL1164] GTX634447 PGK1 antibody [GT21612]
GTX131077 CRBN antibody GTX132293 PHD2 antibody
GTX634534 CrkL antibody [GT466] GTX132818 Phospholamban (phospho Ser16) antibody
GTX130809 CrkRS antibody GTX133554 PI3 kinase p110 alpha antibody
GTX135287 CRM1 antibody GTX132597 PI3 kinase p85 (phospho Tyr467)/p55 (phospho Tyr199) antibody
GTX130052 CSDA antibody GTX130457 PKA R2 (phospho Ser96) antibody
GTX635865 CTGF antibody [GT28711] GTX133936 PKC alpha (phospho Ser657) antibody
GTX634460 CTH antibody [GT1657] GTX133937 PKC epsilon (phospho Ser729) antibody
GTX70264 CtIP antibody [19E8] GTX636461 PKC theta (phospho Thr219) antibody [HL1157]
GTX134767 CTIP2 antibody GTX133939 PKC zeta (phospho Thr410) antibody
GTX134527 CTLA4 antibody GTX634796 PKM antibody [GT1810]
GTX634164 Cullin 4a antibody [GT885] GTX133886 PKM2 (phospho Ser37) antibody
GTX129297 Cullin 4b antibody GTX132789 PKR (phospho Thr446) antibody
GTX132714 CX3CR1 antibody GTX133530 PLCG1 (phospho Ser1248) antibody
GTX634420 Cyclin A2 antibody [GT2547] GTX133610 PLCG2 (phospho Tyr1217) antibody
GTX133418 Cyclin D2 antibody GTX130764 Plectin antibody
GTX133414 Cyclin E1 antibody GTX131146 PLEKHA7 antibody
GTX131754 Cyclin L1 antibody GTX133240 Plexin A1 antibody
GTX133413 Cyclin T1 antibody GTX130372 Plexin D1 antibody
GTX634198 Cystatin A antibody [GT2264] GTX130799 PMCH antibody
GTX132567 Cystatin C antibody GTX132960 PMP70 antibody
GTX134696 Cytokeratin 19 antibody GTX132100 POLE antibody
GTX636469 Cytokeratin 19 antibody [HL1165] GTX113344 PPAR gamma antibody
GTX634308 Cytokeratin 5 antibody [GT1486] GTX634398 PPP2R2D antibody [GT577]
GTX133086 Dab1 antibody GTX131861 PRAC1 antibody
GTX131468 DAB2IP antibody GTX133176 PRAS40 (phospho Thr246) antibody
GTX132535 DAP1 antibody GTX133250 PSD93 antibody
GTX633252 DAPP1 antibody [4H9] GTX634291 PSD95 antibody [GT1234]
GTX133350 DARPP-32 antibody GTX133940 PYK2 (phospho Tyr402) antibody
GTX130959 DCLK1 antibody GTX635981 RAB6A antibody [HL1047]
GTX135602 DC-SIGN antibody GTX133005 Rad17 (phospho Ser645) antibody
GTX636322 DDR2 antibody [HL1107] GTX135318 Rag A antibody
GTX132517 DDX58 antibody GTX133547 Rag C antibody
GTX133570 DEPDC5 antibody GTX133795 RANK antibody
GTX129983 Desmoglein 1 antibody GTX133357 Rap1GAP antibody
GTX134124 Desmuslin antibody GTX133196 Raptor (phospho Ser792) antibody
GTX131179 DHX36 antibody GTX636434 RAS (G12A mutant) antibody [HL1153]
GTX633917 Dicer antibody [GT1176] GTX135497 RAS (Q61R Mutant) antibody
GTX636580 Dicer antibody [HL1232] GTX634627 Rb antibody [2B5]
GTX133264 DLGAP1 antibody GTX131133 RBFA antibody
GTX134855 DLST antibody GTX131387 RBM8A antibody
GTX129318 DLX4 antibody GTX636320 RBPMS antibody [HL1105]
GTX120802 DNAJC11 antibody GTX636321 RBPMS antibody [HL1106]
GTX130734 DOCK2 antibody GTX133226 Reelin antibody
GTX134053 DOPA Decarboxylase antibody GTX133941 Ret (phospho Tyr1062) antibody
GTX636467 Dopamine beta Hydroxylase antibody [HL1163] GTX133291 RGS14 antibody
GTX133152 Dopamine Transporter antibody GTX634335 Rheb antibody [GT39810]
GTX133338 DPP6 antibody GTX129911 Rhodopsin antibody
GTX135364 DRP1 antibody GTX130540 Ribonuclease A antibody
GTX128231 DSCAML1 antibody GTX131787 RIF1 antibody
GTX134428 DSPP antibody GTX134539 RIM1 antibody
GTX636527 DUT antibody [HL1210] GTX131627 RIN1 antibody
GTX111575 DYRK1B antibody GTX133293 RNF146 antibody
GTX130030 E2F2 antibody GTX132671 RNF43 antibody
GTX134346 E2F4 antibody GTX134119 ROBO2 antibody
GTX131623 EAAT1 antibody GTX636103 ROCK2 (phospho Ser1366) antibody [HL1071]
GTX134062 EAAT2 antibody GTX130432 RPA32 (phospho Thr21) antibody
GTX134097 EAAT4 antibody GTX635976 RPB2 antibody [HL1042]
GTX134856 EBAG9 antibody GTX635977 RPB2 antibody [HL1043]
GTX129711 EBI2 antibody GTX130972 RPL22 antibody
GTX130759 EDD antibody GTX133942 RPS6 (phospho Ser240/Ser244) antibody
GTX130500 EDEM1 antibody GTX636578 RRM1 antibody [HL1230]
GTX634169 EEA1 antibody [GT10811] GTX636579 RRM1 antibody [HL1231]
GTX634650 EED antibody [GT885] GTX133470 RSK2 (phospho Ser227) antibody
GTX635716 EGFR (E746-A750del) antibody [HL363] GTX133480 RSK3 (phospho Thr356/Ser360) antibody
GTX635834 EGFR (L858R Mutant) antibody [HL1022] GTX129924 RUNX1 antibody
GTX635205 EGFR (phospho Thr669) antibody [GT1361] GTX131119 S100A14 antibody
GTX633630 eIF3H / EIF3S3 antibody [GT2712] GTX134743 S100A4 antibody
GTX133606 eIF4E (phospho Ser209) antibody GTX133279 SAP102 antibody
GTX134821 ELAVL1 / HuR antibody GTX134011 SAP97 antibody
GTX129201 ELF1 antibody GTX636097 SARM1 antibody [HL1066]
GTX130169 EML4 antibody GTX636102 SARM1 antibody [HL1070]
GTX134507 EMX1 antibody GTX635680 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) nucleocapsid antibody [HL146]
GTX129992 EMX2 antibody GTX635678 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) nucleocapsid antibody [HL249]
GTX134013 EN1 antibody GTX635679 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) nucleocapsid antibody [HL344]
GTX133404 eNOS antibody GTX635686 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) nucleocapsid antibody [HL448]
GTX635970 EpCAM antibody [GT3188] GTX635687 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) nucleocapsid antibody [HL453]
GTX133236 Ephrin A2 antibody GTX635688 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) nucleocapsid antibody [HL455]
GTX636202 Estrogen Receptor alpha antibody [HL1081] GTX635712 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) nucleocapsid antibody [HL455-MS]
GTX636203 Estrogen Receptor alpha antibody [HL1082] GTX635685 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) nucleocapsid antibody [HL5410]
GTX130314 ETL antibody GTX635689 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) nucleocapsid antibody [HL5511]
GTX134003 EVX2 antibody GTX635791 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Spike RBD antibody [HL1002]
GTX133868 Ezrin (phospho Thr567) antibody GTX635792 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Spike RBD antibody [HL1003]
GTX633365 FACL4 antibody [GT186] GTX635866 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Spike RBD antibody [HL1003-HU]
GTX635714 FAK (phospho Tyr576) antibody [HL127] GTX635793 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Spike RBD antibody [HL1004]
GTX120020 FAM50B antibody GTX635807 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Spike RBD antibody [HL1014]
GTX70185 FEN1 antibody [4E7] GTX635692 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Spike RBD antibody [HL257]
GTX134090 FGF2 antibody GTX635656 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Spike S1 antibody [HL1]
GTX133527 FGFR1 (phospho Tyr766) antibody GTX635671 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Spike S1 antibody [HL134]
GTX135332 Fibrinogen antibody GTX635713 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Spike S1 antibody [HL13402]
GTX634808 Fibronectin antibody [GT742] GTX635672 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Spike S1 antibody [HL263]
GTX134734 FMRP antibody GTX635654 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Spike S1 antibody [HL6]
GTX132563 FNBP1L antibody GTX635911 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Spike S2 / S2’ antibody [HL1039]
GTX134660 Folate Receptor alpha antibody GTX635910 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Spike S2 antibody [HL1038]
GTX134018 FOXG1 antibody GTX635693 SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Spike S2 antibody [HL237]
GTX129508 FOXH1 antibody GTX132972 SATB2 antibody
GTX135251 FOXO1 antibody GTX636098 SDHA antibody [HL1067]
GTX133394 FOXP1 antibody GTX636335 SDHA antibody [HL1117]
GTX135298 FOXP2 antibody GTX131124 SELK antibody
GTX131769 FSD1 antibody GTX133361 Semaphorin 3E antibody
GTX131517 FTO antibody GTX133101 Serotonin Transporter antibody
GTX133261 GABA A Receptor alpha 1 antibody GTX634708 SH3GL1 antibody [GT3065]
GTX133165 GABA B Receptor 1 antibody GTX133352 SHANK2 antibody
GTX133269 GABA B Receptor 2 antibody GTX133163 SHANK3 antibody
GTX133150 GABA Transporter 1 / GAT1 antibody GTX133985 SHC1 (phospho Tyr239/240) antibody
GTX133156 GAD65 antibody GTX134453 Shh antibody
GTX636487 GAD65 antibody [HL1181] GTX133983 SHP2 (phospho Tyr542) antibody
GTX636493 GAD65 antibody [HL1187] GTX135600 SIGLEC15 antibody
GTX633817 GAD67 antibody [GT12212] GTX134606 SIRT1 antibody
GTX636279 GAD67 antibody [HL1095] GTX135781 SLC17A3 antibody
GTX636280 GAD67 antibody [HL1096] GTX131042 SLC19A2 antibody
GTX634454 Galectin 1 antibody [GT2721] GTX134113 SLC1A7 antibody
GTX131628 GALNT3 antibody GTX131043 SLC34A2 antibody
GTX636480 gamma Tubulin antibody [HL1175] GTX131854 SLC38A1 antibody
GTX134747 GAS6 antibody GTX130285 SLC39A4 antibody
GTX132469 GASP1 antibody GTX131796 SLC41A1 antibody
GTX129832 GATA6 antibody GTX134122 SLIT1 antibody
GTX133553 GATSL3 antibody GTX131447 SLPI antibody
GTX135252 GCN2 antibody GTX133614 SMAD2 (phospho Ser465/Ser467) antibody
GTX132496 GEF-H1 antibody GTX129841 SMAD3 (phospho Ser423/425) antibody
GTX135930 Ghrelin antibody GTX636329 SMARCA2 antibody [HL1114]
GTX104081 GI24 antibody GTX636330 SMARCA2 antibody [HL1115]
GTX129984 GIPR antibody GTX634171 SMC2 antibody [GT4312]
GTX134049 GIRK2 antibody GTX134785 SMCR8 antibody
GTX133292 GIT1 antibody GTX635798 SMCR8 antibody [HL1007]
GTX133285 GIT2 antibody GTX131919 SMG6 antibody
GTX134513 GLB1 antibody GTX134791 SMN1 antibody
GTX635705 Gli1 antibody [GT249] GTX132564 SMUG1 antibody
GTX133243 GLS2 antibody GTX131028 SNAP29 antibody
GTX634705 Glucocorticoid Receptor antibody [GT1073] GTX130794 SNF2H antibody
GTX636420 Glucocorticoid Receptor antibody [HL1149] GTX129802 SNRPB2 antibody
GTX636422 Glucocorticoid Receptor antibody [HL1151] GTX132898 SNTB1 antibody
GTX134137 GluR1 antibody GTX133153 Somatostatin antibody
GTX129175 GLUT3 antibody GTX636297 Somatostatin antibody [HL1101]
GTX633410 Glypican-3 antibody [GT2473] GTX130041 Somatostatin receptor 1 antibody
GTX135413 GNAS (R201H Mutant) antibody GTX130114 Somatostatin receptor 3 antibody
GTX633810 GOLGA5 antibody [GT2726] GTX134405 SOX10 antibody
GTX134740 GPM6A antibody GTX129501 SOX11 antibody
GTX131599 GPR39 antibody GTX134849 SOX17 antibody
GTX129989 GPR55 antibody GTX634352 SP1 antibody [GT2574]
GTX135274 Granzyme B antibody GTX131569 SP100 antibody
GTX635875 GRK2 (phospho Ser670) antibody [HL1035] GTX129385 SP7 antibody
GTX133283 Grp75 antibody GTX130877 Spastin antibody
GTX135366 GSDMD antibody GTX104182 Spi-C antibody
GTX133375 GSK3 alpha + GSK3 beta antibody GTX134001 SQSTM1 / P62 (phospho Ser349) antibody
GTX635886 GSK3 beta antibody [GT1619] GTX636328 SQSTM1 / P62 antibody [HL1113]
GTX131433 GTF2IRD1 antibody GTX134837 Src (phospho Tyr416) antibody
GTX130062 Hamartin / TSC1 antibody GTX111085 SRF antibody
GTX134781 HB9 / HLXB9 antibody GTX134371 STAT1 antibody
GTX131334 HCN1 antibody GTX133945 STAT2 (phospho Tyr690) antibody
GTX129269 HDX antibody GTX133615 STAT3 (phospho Tyr705) antibody
GTX633693 Heme Oxygenase 1 antibody [GT664] GTX636400 STAT3 antibody [HL1134]
GTX633545 Hemoglobin zeta antibody [GT1544] GTX133947 STAT5A (phospho Tyr694) antibody
GTX636028 Hepatitis D virus Large data + Small delta protein antibody [HL1053] GTX135635 Steroidogenic Factor 1 antibody
GTX636030 Hepatitis D virus Large data + Small delta protein antibody [HL1055] GTX130830 STOP antibody
GTX636026 Hepatitis D virus Large delta protein antibody [HL1051] GTX133282 Striatin 4 antibody
GTX134351 Her4 / ErbB4 antibody GTX129167 SUV39H2 antibody
GTX130167 HERC5 antibody GTX134377 SV40 Large T antigen antibody
GTX135988 HFE antibody GTX633910 Syk antibody [GT351]
GTX130988 HIF3 alpha antibody GTX135310 Synapsin II antibody
GTX132304 HIGD1A antibody GTX117819 Synaptotagmin 2 antibody
GTX131449 HIP1 antibody GTX131673 SYNGAP1 antibody
GTX134710 Histamine antibody GTX634154 Syntenin 1 antibody [GT1523]
GTX633388 Histone H2AK5ac (acetyl Lys5) antibody [GT1262] GTX134664 TAK1 antibody
GTX633652 Histone H3K27ac (Acetyl Lys27) antibody [GT261] GTX134635 Talin-1 antibody
GTX633420 Histone H4K8ac (acetyl Lys8) antibody [GT478] GTX135775 Tau (phospho Thr217) antibody
GTX130591 HJURP antibody GTX134857 TAZ antibody
GTX135986 HLA-DQA1 antibody GTX130740 TBC1D1 antibody
GTX130259 HLA-DQA2 antibody GTX132577 TBC1D25 antibody
GTX131196 HLA-DRB5 antibody GTX133228 TBR1 antibody
GTX134403 HNF6 antibody GTX132776 TBR2 / Eomes antibody
GTX133398 hnRNP A0 antibody GTX132302 TCEB1 antibody
GTX135993 hnRNP G antibody GTX130151 TCN1 antibody
GTX132754 hnRNP L antibody GTX633973 TDP43 antibody [GT6310]
GTX134055 HOXB4 antibody GTX132572 TECPR1 antibody
GTX129324 HOXD8 antibody GTX134739 Teneurin 1 antibody
GTX134852 HPA2 antibody GTX130661 TES antibody
GTX131514 HRG antibody GTX131985 Tet Repressor antibody
GTX134584 HSC70 antibody GTX636089 TFEB antibody [HL1065]
GTX134509 HSD11B1 antibody GTX132546 TGF beta 2 antibody
GTX634459 HSP27 antibody [GT6310] GTX129909 TGF beta Receptor 2 antibody
GTX131442 HTF9C antibody GTX635393 Thrombospondin 2 antibody [GT147]
GTX132456 HTRA2 antibody GTX636411 Thrombospondin 2 antibody [HL1140]
GTX134128 HuC antibody GTX636506 Thrombospondin 2 antibody [HL1194]
GTX134131 HuD antibody GTX131686 TIF1 gamma antibody
GTX132328 ICAD (cleaved Asp224) antibody GTX130079 TLR1 antibody
GTX133078 IDH2 antibody GTX636559 TLR3 antibody [HL1215]
GTX134417 IGF1R antibody GTX134087 TMEM119 antibody
GTX134816 IGF2BP1 antibody GTX131510 TMEM49 antibody
GTX134817 IGF2BP2 antibody GTX133582 TMS1 antibody
GTX634834 IKK beta antibody [GT685] GTX102710 TNF Receptor I antibody
GTX134575 IKK gamma antibody GTX133756 TOMM20 antibody
GTX634188 IL1 beta antibody [GT289] GTX134799 TOMM22 antibody
GTX114135 IL12B / IL12 p40 antibody GTX133780 TOMM40 antibody
GTX131565 IL32 antibody GTX109379 TRAF3 antibody
GTX134566 IL33 antibody GTX134098 Trefoil Factor 3 antibody
GTX135982 IL6 antibody GTX135408 TREM2 (R47H Mutant) antibody
GTX134862 IL6 Receptor antibody GTX132780 TRF2 antibody
GTX131448 IL7 antibody GTX130974 Tristetraprolin antibody
GTX636323 Influenza A virus H1N1 NA (Neuraminidase) antibody [HL1108] GTX132966 TrkA antibody
GTX636199 Influenza A virus Nucleoprotein antibody [HL1078] GTX134541 Tropomyosin 4 antibody
GTX636247 Influenza A virus Nucleoprotein antibody [HL1089] GTX130922 Troponin T fast skeletal antibody
GTX636282 Influenza A virus Nucleoprotein antibody [HL1098] GTX134445 TRP2 antibody
GTX636318 Influenza A virus Nucleoprotein antibody [HL1103] GTX133341 TXNL1 antibody
GTX636099 Influenza B virus Nucleoprotein antibody [HL1068] GTX634481 Tyrosine Hydroxylase antibody [GT234]
GTX636100 Influenza B virus Nucleoprotein antibody [HL1069] GTX133540 ULK1 (phospho Ser638) antibody
GTX636194 Influenza B virus Nucleoprotein antibody [HL1073] GTX132309 USP20 antibody
GTX133642 Integrin alpha 3 antibody GTX133346 USP48 antibody
GTX133646 Integrin alpha 4 antibody GTX135634 USP9X antibody
GTX133648 Integrin alpha 8 antibody GTX130639 Uteroglobin antibody
GTX133651 Integrin beta 4 antibody GTX135222 UVRAG antibody
GTX133161 IP3 Receptor I antibody GTX635260 V5 tag antibody [GT1078]
GTX133334 IP3KA antibody GTX634829 VAMP2 antibody [GT766]
GTX133750 IQGAP1 antibody GTX131631 VAPB antibody
GTX134360 IRF3 (phospho Ser396) antibody GTX634448 VASP antibody [GT238]
GTX132523 IRF7 antibody GTX132787 VAV1 (phospho Tyr174) antibody
GTX133848 IRS1 (phospho Ser307) antibody GTX132982 VE-Cadherin antibody
GTX130865 IRS4 antibody GTX132777 VEGF antibody
GTX130743 Jagged 2 antibody GTX133251 Vesicular Acetylcholine Transporter antibody
GTX132784 JAK2 (phospho Tyr1007/1008) antibody GTX133148 VGluT1 antibody
GTX133934 JNK (phospho Thr183/Tyr185) antibody GTX133142 VGLUT2 antibody
GTX135240 Kappa Opioid Receptor antibody GTX134103 vGluT3 antibody
GTX133130 KCC2 antibody GTX634535 Vinculin antibody [GT3210]
GTX132622 KCNK3 antibody GTX135924 VIRMA antibody
GTX130239 KCNN4 antibody GTX132521 VISA antibody
GTX131149 KCNV2 antibody GTX635821 VPS35 antibody [HL1017]
GTX128497 KDM4A antibody GTX130826 VRK2 antibody
GTX130278 KDM5A / Jarid1A / RBBP2 antibody GTX133263 WAVE1 antibody
GTX120661 KIAA0776 antibody GTX133576 WDR24 antibody
GTX120529 KIF12 antibody GTX130644 WDR5 antibody
GTX130808 KIF2A antibody GTX131203 Wilms Tumor 1 antibody
GTX134434 KIF3A antibody GTX130700 Wip1 antibody
GTX134401 KIF6 antibody GTX132453 WIPI2 antibody
GTX130782 KIF7 antibody GTX128233 WISP2 antibody
GTX70276 Ku80 antibody [149.8] GTX128099 Wnt2b antibody
GTX132559 Kv1.5 antibody GTX122156 XBP1(S) antibody
GTX134573 LAG3 antibody GTX135411 YAP1 (R331W Mutant) antibody
GTX133563 LAMTOR1 antibody GTX634484 ZAP70 (phospho Tyr319) / Syk (phospho Tyr352) antibody [GT1686]
GTX133564 LAMTOR4 antibody GTX110808 ZC3H12A antibody
GTX130744 LASS2 antibody GTX129468 ZIC1 antibody
GTX131532 LATS1 antibody GTX636399 ZO-1 antibody [HL1133]
CatNo ProductName CloneName Host Clonality
GTX627404 SOX2 antibody [GT1876] GT1876 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX627420 TET1 antibody [GT1462] GT1462 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX627421 Nanog antibody [GT3312] GT3312 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX628143 Citrate synthase antibody [GT1761] GT1761 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX628260 SUPV3L1 antibody [GT244] GT244 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX628487 IDH2 antibody [GT673] GT673 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX628777 CBS antibody [GT519] GT519 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX628803 Lamin B2 antibody [GT144] GT144 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX628835 HMGB1 antibody [GT348] GT348 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX628836 PARP antibody [GT6212] GT6212 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX628887 EGFR antibody [GT133] GT133 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX628890 Glyoxalase I antibody [GT552] GT552 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX628895 CD44 antibody [GT462] GT462 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX628901 COX4 antibody [GT854] GT854 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX628998 Ribosome binding protein 1 antibody [GT5610] GT5610 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629000 ADAR1 antibody [GT1066] GT1066 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629076 PAF49 antibody [GT635] GT635 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629078 Transgelin antibody [GT4511] GT4511 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629397 NuMA antibody [GT3611] GT3611 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629399 GEF-H1 antibody [GT1132] GT1132 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629402 cIAP1 antibody [GT422] GT422 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629404 Lamin A + C antibody [GT9712] GT9712 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629478 HMGA2 antibody [GT763] GT763 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629543 p21 Cip1 antibody [GT1032] GT1032 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629628 Fatty Acid Synthase antibody [GT237] GT237 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629630 beta Actin antibody [GT5512] GT5512 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629691 E-Cadherin antibody [GT477] GT477 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629697 MAD2L1 antibody [GT1761] GT1761 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629702 alpha Smooth Muscle Actin antibody [GT445] GT445 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629703 ATRX antibody [GT4212] GT4212 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629744 Vimentin antibody [GT812] GT812 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629745 PGAM1 antibody [GT256] GT256 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629815 ATG12 antibody [GT166] GT166 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629818 IDH1 antibody [GT1521] GT1521 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629881 TET2 antibody [GT649] GT649 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629890 SQSTM1 / P62 antibody [GT1478] GT1478 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629972 ROCK1 antibody [GT464] GT464 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX629976 Calnexin antibody [GT1563] GT1563 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX630146 Fumarate hydratase antibody [GT7612] GT7612 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX630187 PRMT1 antibody [GT10111] GT10111 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX630190 CFDP1 antibody [GT11811] GT11811 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX630196 TDP43 antibody [GT225] GT225 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX630198 mTOR antibody [GT649] GT649 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX630393 UQCRC1 antibody [GT1311] GT1311 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX630394 CSE1L antibody [GT5111] GT5111 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX630396 NDP52 antibody [GT422] GT422 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX630506 ENO1 antibody [GT186] GT186 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX630543 MEK2 antibody [GT3522] GT3522 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX630559 SOD2 antibody [GT1433] GT1433 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX630562 COPD antibody [GT1318] GT1318 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX630654 Glutamine synthetase antibody [GT1055] GT1055 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX630779 Triosephosphate isomerase antibody [GT181] GT181 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX631209 FIS1 antibody [GT9810] GT9810 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX631668 TCP1 epsilon antibody [GT639] GT639 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX631831 beta Tubulin 3/ Tuj1 antibody [GT1338] GT1338 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX631836 beta Tubulin 3/ Tuj1 antibody [GT11710] GT11710 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX631992 c-Met antibody [GT556] GT556 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX631994 BICD2 antibody [GT10811] GT10811 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX632010 SA1 antibody [GT1515] GT1515 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX632011 ARID2 antibody [GT7311] GT7311 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX632041 C9orf72 antibody [GT779] GT779 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX632062 DCK antibody [GT7710] GT7710 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX632129 SA2 antibody [GT1417] GT1417 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX632190 ME1 antibody [GT15611] GT15611 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX632360 Filamin B antibody [GT1372] GT1372 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX632482 T-Plastin antibody [GT3310] GT3310 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX632582 Cofilin 1 antibody [GT217] GT217 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX632676 beta Catenin antibody [GT3171] GT3171 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX633010 beta Catenin antibody [GT2169] GT2169 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX633389 ROCK2 antibody [GT11712] GT11712 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX633391 BRG1 antibody [GT2712] GT2712 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX633541 YAP1 antibody [GT256] GT256 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX633542 ATP6V1A antibody [GT3846] GT3846 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX633544 ATP6V1A antibody [GT1561] GT1561 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX633625 IDE antibody [GT286] GT286 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX633633 Paxillin (phospho Tyr118) antibody [GT712] GT712 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX633689 pan Cadherin antibody [GT2610] GT2610 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX633690 Gelsolin antibody [GT1656] GT1656 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX633694 IDE antibody [GT143] GT143 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX633818 p63 antibody [GT1179] GT1179 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX633909 Histone H2B antibody [GT387] GT387 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX633920 QKI antibody [GT1589] GT1589 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX633922 QKI antibody [GT228] GT228 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX633955 MYH9 (phospho Ser1943) antibody [GT144] GT144 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX633972 Synaptophysin antibody [GT2589] GT2589 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX634336 LAMP1 antibody [GT25212] GT25212 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX634415 ARG2 antibody [GT11111] GT11111 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX634482 C9orf72 antibody [GT1553] GT1553 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX634652 IDO1 antibody [GT273] GT273 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX634797 PGP9.5 antibody [GT448] GT448 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX634831 Park7 / DJ-1 antibody [GT136] GT136 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX635155 Galectin 3 antibody [GT12712] GT12712 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX635179 DAG1 / beta Dystroglycan antibody [GT835] GT835 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX635180 DAG1 / beta Dystroglycan antibody [GT2812] GT2812 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX635210 AXL antibody [GT1174] GT1174 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX635362 RAS (G12D Mutant) antibody [HL10] HL10 Rabbit Monoclonal
GTX635363 Iba1 antibody [HL22] HL22 Rabbit Monoclonal
GTX635389 CA19-9 antibody [GT933] GT933 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX635399 Iba1 antibody [HL22-MS] HL22-MS Mouse Monoclonal
GTX635400 Iba1 antibody [HL22-RT] HL22-RT Rat Monoclonal
GTX635461 Sodium/Potassium ATPase alpha 1 antibody [HL114] HL114 Rabbit Monoclonal
GTX635463 PAX3 antibody [HL160] HL160 Rabbit Monoclonal
GTX635477 GPX2 antibody [HL125] HL125 Rabbit Monoclonal
GTX635478 ATRX antibody [HL1210] HL1210 Rabbit Monoclonal
GTX635479 53BP1 antibody [HL275] HL275 Rabbit Monoclonal
GTX635571 ATR (phospho Thr1989) antibody [HL132] HL132 Rabbit Monoclonal
GTX635572 Chk1 (phosphpo Ser345) antibody [HL122] HL122 Rabbit Monoclonal
GTX635616 FACL4 antibody [HL229] HL229 Rabbit Monoclonal
GTX635617 ERK1 (phospho Thr202/Tyr204) + ERK2 (phospho Thr185/Tyr187) antibody [HL173] HL173 Rabbit Monoclonal
GTX635619 Gli1 antibody [HL247] HL247 Rabbit Monoclonal
GTX635621 p70 S6K (phospho Thr421/Ser424) antibody [HL129] HL129 Rabbit Monoclonal
GTX635623 RAS (G12V Mutant) antibody [HL169] HL169 Rabbit Monoclonal
GTX635694 LYN (phospho Tyr397) antibody [HL122] HL122 Rabbit Monoclonal
GTX635715 Bax antibody [HL236] HL236 Rabbit Monoclonal
GTX635790 LAMP2 antibody [GT856] GT856 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX635797 p38 MAPK antibody [HL1006] HL1006 Rabbit Monoclonal
GTX635799 JNK (phospho Thr183/Tyr185) antibody [HL1008] HL1008 Rabbit Monoclonal
GTX70100 Chk2 antibody [4B8] 4B8 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX70103 ATM antibody [2C1] 2C1 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX70111 BRCA1 antibody [17F8] – ChIP grade 17F8 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX70174 Estrogen Receptor beta antibody [14C8] 14C8 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX70212 Mre11 antibody [12D7] 12D7 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX70214 p53 antibody [DO1] DO1 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX70220 Nuclear Matrix Protein p84 antibody [5E10] 5.00E+10 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX70222 NBS1 antibody [1C3] 1C3 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX70224 NBS1 antibody [1D7] 1D7 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX70228 Rad50 antibody [13B3] 13B3 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX70230 Rad51 antibody [14B4] 14B4 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX70255 TSG101 antibody [4A10] 4A10 Mouse Monoclonal
GTX70299 FANCD2 antibody [103] 103 Mouse Monoclonal
CatNo ProductName Host Clonality
GTX124227 TET2 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX127344 HMGB1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX127978 Estrogen Receptor alpha antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX129003 HGF (alpha subunit) antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX129134 IRF1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX129199 EGR3 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX129239 USF2 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX130023 TGF beta 1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX130252 USP1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX130299 SA2 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX130379 CREB (phospho Ser133) antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX130510 TSC2 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX130597 SLBP antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX131188 RIP3 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX131373 ESRP1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX131438 SLK antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX131562 Cardiac Troponin T antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX131630 YB1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX132089 Aquaporin 2 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX132121 BRG1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX132295 Zyxin antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX132320 FAK (phospho Tyr407) antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX132466 PI3 kinase p150 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX132467 TRADD antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX132468 ATG14 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX132548 RAB7A antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX132580 mLST8 / GBL antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX132657 GABARAP antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX132664 GABARAPL1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX132666 GABARAPL2 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX132672 Glypican 1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX132783 ERK1 (phospho Thr202/Tyr204) + ERK2 (phospho Thr185/Tyr187) antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX132793 DNA-PKcs (phospho Ser2056) antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX132964 IKK alpha antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133076 IDH1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133155 Nkx2.5 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133182 4E-BP1 (phospho Thr37/Thr46) antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133204 TBP antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133367 alpha Synuclein antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133525 PDGF Receptor beta (phospho Tyr751) antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133710 PP2A alpha + PP2A beta antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133712 Smad1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133713 p35 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133715 NOX2 / gp91phox antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133717 JAK3 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133722 TrkB antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133724 SMARCA2 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133727 RON beta antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133729 CD62P antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133733 Importin beta 1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133735 SnoN antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133736 14-3-3 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133738 ID1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133744 NFAT4 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133745 DLL1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133747 SPARC antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133749 WASP antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133755 PLCB1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133757 PI3 kinase p110 delta antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133760 IRS2 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133764 SKI antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133765 PLCB2 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133766 PAR4 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133767 SKP2 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133773 UBTF antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133774 SOS1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133775 RASGRF1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133777 PAX5 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133778 PKC mu antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133781 IL17A antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133788 Adenylate cyclase 5/6 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133801 G protein beta antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133807 GFI1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133862 CDK2 (phospho Thr160) antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133969 BOB1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX133970 p22phox antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134052 Doublecortin antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134209 TGF beta Receptor I antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134235 p107 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134236 JunB antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134238 EP300 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134241 FRA2 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134242 FRA1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134246 14-3-3 gamma antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134247 14-3-3 theta antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134256 PKC eta antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134340 SFTPC antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134342 GNAT2 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134355 FGFR4 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134462 ERK1/2 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134464 CLOCK antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134588 CDC42 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134663 Estrogen Receptor beta antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134724 Cathepsin B antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134840 ADAMTS1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX134842 Claudin 1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal
GTX135142 p21 Cip1 antibody Rabbit Polyclonal

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