£10 for 10ul of selected antibodies

Below is a small selection of antibodies included in the offer. Send us your target of interest to find out if we have a £10 antibody for it.

Use promotion code GTX20 – terms and condition apply*

GTX13373614-3-3 antibody
GTX7031053BP1 antibody
GTX134840ADAMTS1 antibody
GTX102835AF9 antibody
GTX101429ALDH2 antibody
GTX128065ATG3 antibody
GTX128146ATR antibody
GTX101254beta Catenin antibody
GTX103259BIN1 antibody
GTX133968BOB1 antibody
GTX110542Caspase 2 antibody
GTX103436c-Myc antibody
GTX103252COPD antibody
GTX101499COX4 antibody
GTX107602CSK antibody
GTX110311Cytokeratin 8 antibody
GTX100130DDB1 antibody
GTX101245DLD antibody
GTX100443E-Cadherin antibody
GTX102326EEF1A2 antibody
GTX100699ERK1 antibody
GTX100639ETS1 antibody
GTX117805Fascin 1 antibody
GTX134355FGFR4 antibody
GTX134242FRA1 antibody
GTX129710GABARAP antibody
GTX110483gamma Synuclein antibody
GTX101120Glucocorticoid Receptor antibody
GTX100294GRB2 antibody
GTX109642HDAC2 antibody
GTX109753Hsp90 alpha antibody
GTX110527IL6 antibody
GTX103289KLF5 antibody
GTX106211MADH7 antibody
GTX102186MEK2 antibody
GTX103229NBS1 antibody
GTX102090NFkB p65 antibody
GTX102965p53 antibody
GTX107614PGK1 antibody
GTX132466PI3 kinase p150 antibody
GTX101105Prohibitin antibody
GTX101025PTEN antibody
GTX133775RASGRF1 antibody
GTX129912SA1 antibody
GTX103840SLK antibody
GTX112980SMAD4 antibody
GTX113273STAT6 antibody
GTX116056TCF7L2 antibody
GTX102017TRAP1 antibody
GTX133773UBTF antibody

*Terms and conditions:

  1. The list is valid from the January 1st until December 31st 2020.
  2. Up to 3 items per customer each month.
  3. Provide Feedback in one month to get a 10% discount code on the same item. (valid for 6 months)
  4. Promo code: GTX20


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