Discounted active kinases and lipid kinases 

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Active Kinases

EnzymeCatalogue NumberSpeciesTagExpressionSequence
GLK, ActiveM25-11GHumanGSTSf9 insect1-380
EGFR, ActiveE10-112GHumanGSTSf9 insect668-end
ALK2, ActiveA06-11GHumanGSTSf9 insect147-end
RIPK2, ActiveR08-11GHumanGSTSf9 insect1-299
HUNK, ActiveH08-10GHumanGSTSf9 insectFull Length

SignalChem offers a broad range of recombinant kinases of superior purity and activity to assist the global academic research and drug
discovery efforts. Its active kinase product line is one of the most comprehensive in the world in terms of the coverage and has been
utilized by many pharmaceutical companies in their drug discovery programs. An in-house product development team with over 100 years
of combined experience in kinase biochemistry is behind the production and quality control of all the kinase-related products as well as the
method development for activity assays.

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Active Lipid Kinases

EnzymeCatalogue NumberSpeciesTagExpressionSequence
DGA, ActiveD21-10BGHumanGSTSf9 insectFull Length
P13K (p120 gamma), ActiveP29-102HHumanHISSf9 insectFull Length
PI4K2B, ActiveP22-102GHumanGSTSf9 insectFull Length
SPHK1, ActiveS17-102GHumanGSTSf9 insectFull Length
DGKZ, ActiveD30-10GHumanGSTSf9 insectFull Length

SignalChem has developed a broad selection of active lipid kinases which comprise diverse families including PI kinases, diaglycerol kinases
(DGKS) and sphingosine kinases (SPHKs). The biochemical function of these enzymes has been fully validated with AMP-GloTM assays with
optimized formulation of buffer and substrates, thus ensuring robust activity and high sensitivity in high-throughput screening for small
molecule inhibitor development.

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