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Choose from the most comprehensive selection of recombinant tau proteins in the world, including various protein isoforms, phospho-taus and mutant variants.

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Signalchem manufactures one of the most comprehensive selections of recombinant Tau proteins in the world. These include: various protein isoforms, phospho-Taus, and mutant variants.

Tau proteins constitute a family of very important neuronal proteins that bind to the neuronal microtubules. As one of the first discovered and characterized microtubule-associated proteins, the role of Tau proteins has ever since been associated with an array of neuro-biochemical processes including formation and maintenance of neuronal transport system. Researchers have been constantly monitoring the role of myriad Tau proteins in neuronal pathways and their mutagenesis in neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease

Abnormal phosphorylation of Tau can lead to deposits of Tau filaments leading to severe pathogenesis in multiple neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. Over the years there has been an exponential boost in Tau research after multiple neurodegenerative diseases displayed tangled forms of Tau proteins in the brain.

 20% OFF Tau proteins
 20% OFF Tau proteins
Product CodeProduct NamePack Size
T08-50RNTau-441, DYRK1A-phosphorylated20 ug
T08-50RNTau-441, DYRK1A-phosphorylated50 ug
T08-50RNBTau-441, DYRK1A-phosphorylated & Biotinylated20 ug
T08-50RNBTau-441, DYRK1A-phosphorylated & Biotinylated50 ug
T08-55NBTau-441 (244-372), Biotinylated20 ug
T08-55NBTau-441 (244-372), Biotinylated50 ug
T08-56JNTau-441 (V337M) Protein20 ug
T08-56JNTau-441 (V337M) Protein50 ug
T08-56KNTau-441 (S352L) Protein20 ug
T08-56KNTau-441 (S352L) Protein50 ug
T08-56MNTau-441 (R406W) Protein20 ug
T08-56MNTau-441 (R406W) Protein50 ug
T02-54NTau-316 Protein20 ug
T02-54NTau-316 Protein50 ug
T08-55DNTau-441 (151-441) Protein20 ug
T08-55DNTau-441 (151-441) Protein50 ug
T08-55ENTau-441 (151-421) Protein20 ug
T08-55ENTau-441 (151-421) Protein50 ug
T08-55FNTau-441 (151-391) Protein20 ug
T08-55FNTau-441 (151-391) Protein50 ug
T08-55GNTau-441 (231-441) Protein20 ug
T08-55GNTau-441 (231-441) Protein50 ug
T08-55HNTau-441 (231-421) Protein20 ug
T08-55HNTau-441 (231-421) Protein50 ug
T08-55INTau-441 (231-391) Protein20 ug
T08-55INTau-441 (231-391) Protein50 ug
T08-55JNTau-441 (99-441) Protein20 ug
T08-55JNTau-441 (99-441) Protein50 ug
T08-55KNTau-441 (127-421) Protein20 ug
T08-55KNTau-441 (127-421) Protein50 ug
T08-55LNTau-441 (216-391) Protein20 ug
T08-55LNTau-441 (216-391) Protein50 ug
T08-55NTau-441 (244-372) Protein20 ug
T08-55NTau-441 (244-372) Protein50 ug
T03-54NTau-352 Protein20 ug
T03-54NTau-352 Protein50 ug
T04-54NTau-381 Protein20 ug
T04-54NTau-381 Protein50 ug
T05-54NTau-383 Protein20 ug
T05-54NTau-383 Protein50 ug
T06-54NTau-410 Protein20 ug
T06-54NTau-410 Protein50 ug
T05-56NTau-383 (N352H) Protein20 ug
T05-56NTau-383 (N352H) Protein50 ug
T07-54NTau-412 Protein20 ug
T07-54NTau-412 Protein50 ug
T08-54NTau-441 Protein20 ug
T08-54NTau-441 Protein50 ug
T08-54HTau-441 Protein20 ug
T08-54HTau-441 Protein50 ug
T08-55HTau-441 (244-372) Protein20 ug
T08-55HTau-441 (244-372) Protein50 ug
T08-56VNTau-441 (A152T) Protein20 ug
T08-56VNTau-441 (A152T) Protein50 ug
T08-55BNTau-441 (1-421) Protein20 ug
T08-55BNTau-441 (1-421) Protein50 ug
T08-55CNTau-441 (1-391) Protein20 ug
T08-55CNTau-441 (1-391) Protein50 ug
T08-56DNTau-441 (G272V) Protein20 ug
T08-56DNTau-441 (G272V) Protein50 ug
T08-56ENTau-441 (N279K) Protein20 ug
T08-56ENTau-441 (N279K) Protein50 ug
T08-56NTau-441 (K257T) Protein20 ug
T08-56NTau-441 (K257T) Protein50 ug
T08-54BNTau-441, Biotinylated20 ug
T08-54BNTau-441, Biotinylated50 ug
T08-52BNTau-441 (dN296) Protein20 ug
T08-52BNTau-441 (dN296) Protein50 ug
T08-52NTau-441 (dK280) Protein20 ug
T08-52NTau-441 (dK280) Protein50 ug
T08-53BNTau-441 (S198A) Protein20 ug
T08-53BNTau-441 (S198A) Protein50 ug
T08-53CNTau-441 (S199E) Protein20 ug
T08-53CNTau-441 (S199E) Protein50 ug
T08-53DNTau-441 (S214A) Protein20 ug
T08-53DNTau-441 (S214A) Protein50 ug
T08-53GNTau-441 (S404E) Protein20 ug
T08-53GNTau-441 (S404E) Protein50 ug
T08-53HNTau-441 (S404A) Protein20 ug
T08-53HNTau-441 (S404A) Protein50 ug
T08-53NTau-441 (S198E) Protein20 ug
T08-53NTau-441 (S198E) Protein50 ug
T08-50BNTau-441, BRSK2-phosphorylated20 ug
T08-55MNTau-441 (50-441) Protein20 ug
T08-50BNTau-441, BRSK2-phosphorylated50 ug
T08-55MNTau-441 (50-441) Protein50 ug
T08-50CNTau-441, CAMK2-phosphorylated20 ug
T08-55NNTau-441 (50-421) Protein20 ug
T08-50CNTau-441, CAMK2-phosphorylated50 ug
T08-55NNTau-441 (50-421) Protein50 ug
T08-50FNTau-441, GSK3beta-phosphorylated20 ug
T08-55ONTau-441 (50-391) Protein20 ug
T08-50FNTau-441, GSK3beta-phosphorylated50 ug
T08-55ONTau-441 (50-391) Protein50 ug
T08-50KNTau-441, PHKG2-phosphorylated20 ug
T08-56CNTau-441 (L266V) Protein20 ug
T08-50KNTau-441, PHKG2-phosphorylated50 ug
T08-56CNTau-441 (L266V) Protein50 ug
T08-50LNTau-441, PKA-phosphorylated20 ug
T08-50FNTau-441, GSK3beta-phosphorylatedCUSTOM
T08-56FNTau-441 (P301L) Protein20 ug
T08-50LNTau-441, PKA-phosphorylated50 ug
T08-56FNTau-441 (P301L) Protein50 ug
T08-50NTau-441, BRSK1-phosphorylated20 ug
T08-56GNTau-441 (P301S) Protein20 ug
T08-50NTau-441, BRSK1-phosphorylated50 ug
T08-56GNTau-441 (P301S) Protein50 ug
T08-50ONTau-441, TTBK1-phosphorylated20 ug
T08-56HNTau-441 (S305N) Protein20 ug
T08-50ONTau-441, TTBK1-phosphorylated50 ug
T08-56HNTau-441 (S305N) Protein50 ug
T08-365HRAnti-phospho-Tau (Ser404)100 ug
T08-365DRAnti-phospho-Tau (Ser416)100 ul
T08-365ERAnti-phospho-Tau (Ser396)100 ug
T08-365FRAnti-phospho-Tau (Ser235)100 ug
T08-365GRAnti-phospho-Tau (Ser214)100 ug
T08-365IRAnti-phospho-Tau (Ser262)100 ug
T08-365JRAnti-phospho-Tau (Thr212)100 ug
T08-365KRAnti-phospho-Tau (Ser422)100 ug
T08-365MRAnti-phospho-Tau (Ser356)100 ug
T08-365BRAnti-phospho-Tau (Thr205)100 ug
T08-365CRAnti-phospho-Tau (Thr231)100 ug
T08-365RAnti-phospho-Tau (Thr181)100 ug
T08-07NTau Protein Marker100 ul
T08-07NTau Protein Marker250 ul
T02-911Tau-316 siRNA Set I20 nmol
T02-911Tau-316 siRNA Set I5 nmol
T02-911Tau-316 siRNA Set I50 nmol
T03-911Tau-352 siRNA Set I20 nmol
T03-911Tau-352 siRNA Set I5 nmol
T03-911Tau-352 siRNA Set I50 nmol
T04-911Tau-381 siRNA Set I20 nmol
T04-911Tau-381 siRNA Set I5 nmol
T04-911Tau-381 siRNA Set I50 nmol
T05-911Tau-383 siRNA Set I20 nmol
T05-911Tau-383 siRNA Set I5 nmol
T05-911Tau-383 siRNA Set I50 nmol
T06-911Tau-410 siRNA Set I20 nmol
T06-911Tau-410 siRNA Set I5 nmol
T06-911Tau-410 siRNA Set I50 nmol
T07-911Tau-412 siRNA Set I20 nmol
T07-911Tau-412 siRNA Set I5 nmol
T07-911Tau-412 siRNA Set I50 nmol
T08-911Tau-441 siRNA Set I20 nmol
T08-911Tau-441 siRNA Set I5 nmol
T08-911Tau-441 siRNA Set I50 nmol


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