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FREE fluorescence Antibodies

Until September 30th only! Enjoy Fluorescence gifts with the purchase of 2 antibodies.
Receive a complimentary fluorescence staining gift of your choice* with the purchase of 2 antibodies. Choose your gift from the selection below and provide the corresponding gift code with your purchase order.


*Select one of A, B or C:
Example: If you select A, write code “GIFT A” with your order and you will receive the indicated 2 fluorescence antibodies Rabbit IgG antibody (DyLight488) and Mouse IgG antibody (DyLight594) with your shipment.


Gift Cat No Product name Package size
A GTX213110-04 Rabbit IgG antibody (DyLight488) 250 ul
GTX213111-05 Mouse IgG antibody (DyLight594) 250 ul
B GTX213110-05 Rabbit IgG antibody (DyLight594) 250 ul
GTX213111-04 Mouse IgG antibody (DyLight488) 250 ul
C GTX30928 ImmunoFluoroMount™
  1. l


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Terms & Conditions
– Offer valid for full-size package primary antibodies only.
– Promotion period: from July 1st to September 30th, 2019.
– Promotion code Gift A/ Gift B/ Gift C must be included on the order to be redeemed.


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