Harvard laboratory uses DNAstable to collect & transport biological samples from Africa to USA.


Stabilize store and ship purified DNA at room temperature

  •     Long-term stabilization, storage and shipment of DNA at room temperature
  •     High yield DNA recovery and use without further purification
  •     Compatible with most downstream applications, e.g., PCR, sequencing, and microarrays
  •     Available in a variety of compact formats, e.g., tubes, multi-well plates & custom.
  •     Cost-effective, eco-friendly solution to freezer crawl and lab space management


DNAstable® enables you to preserve, store and ship your purified DNA samples at room temperature. Sample recovery is achieved within minutes by simply adding water or buffer to the matrix. Sample is ready for downstream analysis without need for any additional purification step.

DNA stabilization can be achieved in two formats:

Pre-dried in tubes or plates (DNAstable)

Liquid-to-Dry storage format (DNAstable LD)

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