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Mass-Spec Validated Antibodies

EnQuire is the first company in the world to introduce Mass Spec antibody validation. Our Mass Spectometry based antibody validation process allows us to quantitatively measure antibody specificity because you rely on our claims of specificity in IHC. These antibodies are made in large lots in bioreactors ensuring high reproducibility and low levels of contaminants commonly resulting from traditional culture methods.

Mass-Spec Validated Antibodies – MS-QAVA™ Product Reference Validated Applications
Anti-Cytokeratin 8/18 Antibody Clone KRT8.18/1346 MSM27-1346-EQB IHC
Anti-p21WAF1 Antibody Clone CIP1/823 1026-MSM3-P1-EQB FC, IF, IHC
Anti-MCM7 Antibody Clone MCM7/1468 4176-MSM3-EQB IHC
Anti-Bax Antibody Clone 2D2 581-MSM1-P1-EQB IF, WB, IHC
Anti-CD44 / HCAM Antibody Clone HCAM/918 960-MSM2-P1-EQB FC, IF, IHC
Anti-Cytokeratin 7 Antibody Clone KRT7/1499R 3855-RBM9-EQB IHC
Anti-ZAP70 Antibody Clone 2F3.2 7535-MSM1-P1-EQB FC, IF, IHC
Anti-p53 Tumor Suppressor Protein Antibody Clone BP53-12 + DO-7 7157-MSM3-P1-EQB FC, WB, IF, IHC
Anti-SUMO-1 Antibody Clone SUMO1/1188 7341-MSM2-P1-EQB FC, WB, IF, IHC
Anti-Vimentin Antibody Clone VM1170 7431-MSM3-P1-EQB FC, WB, IF, IHC
Anti-p21WAF1 Antibody Clone DCS-60.2 1026-MSM2-P1-EQB FC, WB, IF, IHC
Anti-CD3e Antibody Clone C3e/1308 916-MSM8-EQB WB
Anti-Catenin, beta Antibody Clone 6F9 1499-MSM5-EQB IHC
Anti-EpCAM / CD326 Antibody Clone EGP40/1372 4072-MSM12-EQB IHC
Anti-Cytokeratin 7 Antibody Clone OV-TL12/30 3855-MSM1-P1-EQB FC, IF, IHC
Anti-Cdk1 / p34cdc2 Antibody Clone CDK1/873 983-MSM2-P1-EQB FC, IF, IHC
Anti-p21WAF1 Antibody Clone WA-1 1026-MSM1-P1-EQB FC, IF, IHC
Anti-Cytokeratin 19 Antibody Clone A53-B/A2.26 3880-MSM1-P1-EQB FC, IF, IHC
Anti-Cytokeratin 8/18 Antibody Clone C-43 + DC10 MSM7-770-P1-EQB FC, WB, IF, IHC



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