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Mycoplasma Detection Kit – QuickTest (10 min)

All the steps can be done in the clean bench and the results will show up within 10 mins.
Should the cell culture system be contaminated by mycoplasma, typical metabolic enzymes from mycoplasma will degrade the culture medium components
, with typical metabolite products secreted into the cell culture supernatant. The specificity of the metabolites produced by the mycoplasma are very high. Any other type of eukaryotic cells or bacteria will not produce the metabolites.
If the test sample contains the metabolites, the reaction system (including the test sample, the reaction sample well and the reaction buffer) will turn greenish-blue in color. The concentration of metabolites produced is proportional to how dark the color is, which directly indicates the amount of mycoplasma in each sample.mycoplasma-detection-kit-advantages

Biotool Mycoplasma Removal Kit

A novel, effective, safe, and long-acting reagent to eliminate mycoplasma contaminations in cell culture within one week.

  • Highly effective: Targets and destroys all detectable mycoplasmas within only one week.
  • Safe: No interference with mammalian cell functions, as validated in most commonly used cell lines.

Our product eliminates mycoplasma by disrupting the membrane and directly causing toxicity and death, instead of inhibiting proliferation. Unlike commonly used antibiotics, this killing mechanism of our product makes it ideal for use against antibiotic-resistant pathogens such as mycoplasma. Our product allows for highly reliable elimination of mycoplasma that cannot be achieved by the use of antibiotics. Our results showed that no recontamination was found for 4 months after one treatment with our product. Our product can be used to kill all kinds of mycoplasmas and is relatively less toxic to cells than traditionally-used antibiotics.

Biotool Mycoplasma Removal Kit – User Manual


HeLa cells growth condition after 2 days-treatment.Biotool Mycoplasma Removal Kit is relatively less toxic to cells.

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Biotool Mycoplasma Detection Kit – QuickTest


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