The Rapid & Sensitive Detection of NAD, NADH, NADP & NADPH Using Amplite™ Assay Kits

NAD, NADH, NADP and NADPH are important cofactors in cells. AAT Bioquest Amplite™ NAD(P)/NAD(P)H assay kits have very low background since they are performed in a longer wavelength range that considerably reduces the interference resulted from biological samples. They have demonstrated high selectivity and enhanced sensitivity. Our kits enable the detection of NAD, NADH, NADP & NADPH by either using fluorimetric assay mode or colorimetric assay mode.

These kits have been used for :

  • Studying cell metabolism
  • Measuring NAD(H) and NADP(H) in clinical research samples
  • Screening activities of enzymes (such as a variety of dehydro- genases and reductases).

Key Features of Amplite™ Assay Kits

  • Broad applications, can be used for quantifying NAD(P)/NAD(P)H in solutions and in cell extracts.
  • Sensitive, detect as low as 1 μM of NAD(P)/NAD(P)H.
  • Convenient, no wash is required.
  • Non-radioactive, no special requirements for waste treatment.

Figure 1. Total NAD/NADH, and their extract dose responses were measured with Amplite™ NAD/NADH Ratio Assay Kit in a black 96-well plate using a Gemini microplate reader (Molecular Devices).

Figure 2. NADPH/NADP dose responses were measured with Amplite™ NADPH Assay Kit in a black 96-well plate using a NOVOstar microplate reader (BMG Labtech). As low as 1µM (100 pmol/well) of NADPH can be detected with 1 hour incubation (n=3) while there is no response from NADP.


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