Native Human Osteoblasts, Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Derived

These are potent, pure and stable Primary Human osteoblasts derived from Neuromics human mesenchymal stem cells and designed for the study of bone development,  metabolism and related degenerative diseases.

This offering represents a cost effective way for you to “buy and try”. The # of cells are sufficient to establish chondrocytes cultures for initiating your assays.

The product, code SC00A11, comes with around  500,000 cells.

a8x9115x66x1All lots of osteoblast cells are cultured and characterized by Neuromics (includes testing by PCR methods for known viral such as contaminants and mycoplasma). The multi-cell structures average 20 micrometers in diameter with minimal amounts of non-differentiated MSCs (<10%).

Image: Mature osteoblasts stained positive for Alizarin red with numerous areas of associated mineralized matrix. Phase contrast image at 200 x, scale bar is 50 mmeters


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