NEW “CLICKable” Desthiobiotinylation Reagents From Jena Bioscience

Labeling of biomolecules with biotin is routinely performed for their subsequent affinity purification via streptavidin agarose or detection with fluorescent or HRP-labeled streptavidin. A limitation of the biotin/streptavidin interaction is its irreversibility under physiological conditions.

The single-ring/sulfur-free biotin analog Desthiobiotin however binds less tightly to streptavidin, allowing specific elution from streptavidin affinity resin using mild conditions based on competitive displacement with free biotin[1].



Now available: CLICK-functionalized reagents for Desthiobiotinylation of Alkyne-, Azide- and DBCO-tagged biomolecules via Cu(I)-free or Cu(I)-catalyzed Click Chemistry.

CLICK Functionality Product
Alkyne Acetylene-PEG4-Desthiobiotin
Azide Azide-PEG3-Desthiobiotin
DBCO DBCO-PEG4-Desthiobiotin


Table 1: Available Desthiobiotinylation Reagents with extended PEG3- or PEG4 spacer for increased molecule solubility & optimized streptavidin binding.

[1] Hirsch et al. (2002) Easily reversible desthiobiotin binding to streptavidin, avidin, and other biotin-binding proteins: uses for protein labeling, detection, and isolation. Anal. Biochem. 308:343.

CLICK Chemistry reagents are not in stock they may be available as custom synthesis, just contact with any questions you may have!

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