Oligos and Amplification


PCR is a mainstay Molecular Biology technique and over the years has been refined, developed and advanced to become the basis of our most powerful genome analysis techniques.  Advancing technology, regulations, and the changing needs of researchers mean that higher quality and purity reagents are often required to deliver the results expected.  Stratech can meet these needs because we represent a number of first-rate primary manufacturers.

  • dNTPs
  • Oligos & dual-labelled probes
  • Polymerases
  • PCR cleanup
  • PCR & RT-PCR kits
  • RT-PCR
  • Next-Gen Sequencing library preparation
  • Enzymes, buffers, ladders etc.


  • Affymetrix USB
  • Jena Biscience
  • Signosis
  • USBio


Jena Biosciences are a primary manufacturers of dNTPs; one of only a very few  worldwide. They are thus able to offer dNTPs that are standardised at the highest quality to all their customers at a very competitive price. Jena have more than 2,000 natural and modified nucleotides available from stock, including nucleotide analogues for biochemical and structural studies, and can also make up custom formulations to order in batch sizes of just few mg up to kilogram scale.

Oligos & dual-labelled probes

To complement their range of dNTPs, we are proud to supply Jena Bioscience’s superb Custom Oligo and Custom dual-labelled qPCR probe manufacturing services. Jena offer high quality ‘plain’ DNA and RNA oligos, with the option to internally or end-label with a mind-boggling array of labels, linkers, fluorescent reporters and quenchers.  Follow the link  to a full list of the custom modifications available.


Stratech is able to offer a comprehensive choice of thermophilic polymerases to suit both your application and your budget.   Available from Affymetrix USB and Jena Biosciences our range includes polymerases for both DNA and RNA. We offer polymerases and master mixes for the following applications:

  • End-point PCR
  • Hot-start PCR
  • Long-range PCR
  • High fidelity PCR
  • Fast PCR
    • Veriquest Fast Sybr Master Mix
    • Veriquest Fast Probe Master Mix
  • Multiplex PCR
  • RT-PCR Master mixes
  • qPCR Master mixes

For an overview on thermophilic polymerases from Jena Bioscience and Affymetrix USB check out our blog and product listings ( Jena products,  Affymetrix products).

PCR cleanup

We also provide PCR cleanup reagents designed for use after PCR and prior to Sanger sequencing or SNP analysis (for example, the PCR step in diagnostic PCR screening, or CHIP-seq).  This uses Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase and Exonuclease I to enzymatically remove ssDNA, oligonucleotides and dNTPs from your PCR product in a single-step reaction, saving hands-on time and money and giving 100% yield of PCR product for better quality sequencing data. The enzyme mix replaces beads, spin columns and plates, and is suitable for high throughput manual and robotic handling.  These preprepared products are available from Affymetyrix USB, for a full list fo these visit their PCR Clean Up page.


PCR Kits

Stratech have a number of PCR kits with some very diverse functions, including:

  • PCR Kit  and Direct PCR lyophilisates: For PCR amplification directly from whole blood, amplification without prior gDNA purification amongst others
  • qPCR kits: Fro various applications
  • RT-PCR kit: Allowing lysate examine gene expression in, a single cell to highly precise and fast amplification.


screening kits
Our real time qRT-PCR kits and mixes are produced by Affymetrix USB and Jena Biosciences. We offer the rock-solid reliability of Affymetrix qPCR products, as well as next-generation polymerases and dyes from Jena for improved PCR on more difficult templates.  Further information can be found on our blog post for qPCR.


Stratech’s range of  Reverse Transcription-PCR kits and master mixes offer rock-solid reliability and improved amplification on more difficult templates. We supply both one-step and two-Step RT-PCR kits, as well as some interesting first-strand cDNA synthesis kits which use polymerases engineered for sensitivity, thermostability and efficiency. This helps to make your experiments a success by increasing cDNA yields where template is limited, and on long and/or highly structured templates.

Single cell RT-PCR kit: So sensitive that it allows you to perform lysis on, and examine gene expression in, a single cell!

Check out our blog with tag word PCR  and search term PCR for  an overview of information.


Next-Gen Sequencing library preparation

DNA library preparation is critical to the accuracy of next generation sequencing (NGS). The Affymetrix USB Prep2Seq™ DNA Library Prep Kit  includes all reagents for end processing, A-tailing and adapter ligation. The highly efficient Prep2Seq enzyme mix converts blunt ends and 3’ and 5’ overhangs into 3’ A-tailed ends with extremely high efficiency, reducing bias and side reaction fragments, and eliminating chimeric DNA joints. It  significantly improves the quality of sequence-ready libraries, but is also designed to speed up your workflow: the end-repair and A-tailing steps are combined, reducing the purification steps needed and cutting hands-on time to just 40 minutes!
The  accelerate your Illumina library preparation, and provide the following benefits:

Rapid protocol

Prep your library in less than 2 hours, with just 40 minutes hands-on time!

Improved quality

Proprietary enzymes produce a chimera-free library prep
and ensure the highest adapter ligation efficiency available


Streamlined protocol uses only 3 tubes and requires as little as 100 ng of input DNA. Multiplex oligo adapter sets, exactly analogous to Illumina adaptors 1-27, are also available.

Enzymes, Buffers, Ladders etc.

To complete our offering, we supply an extensive range of molecular biology buffers, ladders & molecular weight markers, as well as high quality enzymes with activity guaranteed for 6 months after receipt.  Please review our website for our range of restriction enzymes and modifying enzymes including Klenow fragment, T4 & T7 DNA Ligase, Exonucleases, DNases & RNases.


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