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QuickBlue – never wash or destain again

Forget Instant Blue – our QuickBlue performs better:

  • Complete staining in 15 minutes, no destaining needed
  • Store at room temperature, re-use up to 3 times
  • Contains no harmful chemicals or acids, can be disposed of down the sink after staining
  • 100% compatible with mass spectrometry analysis
  • In Stock! – Next Day Delivery!!

How QuickBlue works

Cat-No. Item Size
LU001000 QuickBlue Protein Stain, 1 Liter (40 gels) 1 L

Comparison of QuickBlue and Instant Blue

Identical amounts of two proteins (TEV protease and T7 DNA polymerase) were loaded onto SDS-PAGE gels, run and stained either with QuickBlue or Instant Blue.

A: TEV protease 3.5 ug
B: TEV protease 700 ng
C: TEV protease 350 ng
D: TEV protease 116 ng
L1: 3 ul of PageRuler™ Plus Prestained Protein Ladder

E: T7 RNA Polymerase 3.5 ug
F: T7 RNA Polymerase 700 ng
G: T7 RNA Polymerase 350 ng
H : T7 RNA Polymerase 116 ng
L2 : 3 ul of AcuteBand Pre-Stained Protein Ladder (#LU5001-0500, LubioScience)

Data from the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biophysics, ETH Zurich


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