There are many ways of visualising your results; some of them more visual than others! Stratech supply sensitive bioluminescent and fluorescent assay systems to help you obtain the quantitative data that you need.

  • Molecular Imaging
  • DNA Probes
  • Plate Arrays
  • FISH Probes


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Molecular Imaging

Molecular imaging is a non-invasive method of tracking cell fate and visualising cell kinetics in small animals after transplantation. It enables the accurate, sensitive and quantitative assessment of tumour development and treatment in real-time. In recent years fluorescence, bioluminescence and PET-based molecular imaging has contributed hugely to our understanding of tumours, infectious diseases, and stem cell biology.

Stratech provide a range of dual-reporter imaging lentivectors and minicircle DNA vectors that allow both bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging. These are are the same vectors used in Nature Protocols (Sun N, et al. Nat Protoc. 2009; 4(8): pp1192-201) and are now a well-established system.

DNA Probes

DNA can be labelled by enzymatic incorporation of fluorescent nucleotide analogues. However, fine-tuning of the reaction conditions and analogue are crucial for successful labelling. Stratech supply an innovative linker technology for attaching a range of small fluorophores to nucleotides. The resulting conjugates are perfectly suited for enzymatic labelling of DNA by PCR and Nick Translation.

We also provide a full range of prelabelled nucleotides and nucleotide analogues, suitable for probe labelling, but also for studying the active site of NTP-utilising enzymes such as G-proteins. Stratech’s range of fluorophores for DNA labelling provides the following benefits:

  • High extinction coefficients & quantum yields
  • Outstanding photostability
  • High solubility in water
  • Low molecular weights
  • Cover the whole UV/VIS spectrum
  • For all common light sources and filter systems

Plate Arrays

Stratech supply a wide range of chemiluminescent and fluorescent ELISA-based plate arrays that allow you to assay protein binding and expression levels for hundreds of targets simultaneously using a microplate luminometer. These quick and simple assays can replace multiple rounds of western blots or IPs, speeding up your workflow.

Transcription Factor arrays – Simultaneously  measure the activation of up to 96 different transcription factors in a sample, or test one transcription factor for binding of multiple promoters. Custom designs available.

miRNA plate arrays – Allow you to discriminate between and quantify all miRNA isoforms from total RNA samples with minimal bias. 100x more sensitive than Northern Blotting. Custom design available.

cDNA plate arrays – This highly sensitive expression profiling array relies on reverse transcription of total mRNA in the presence of biotin-dUTP. cDNAs are captured in wells pre-coated with gene-specific probes, and quantitatively detected using streptavidin-HRP.

FISH Probes

Fluorescence in-situ hybridisation (FISH) is a cytogenetic technique that uses fluorescently labelled  nucleic acid probes to detect and localise specific DNA sequences on chromosomes. This powerful technique enables researchers to quickly assay the whole genome for chromosomal aberrations that cause cancers or birth defects.

Stratech supplies FISH Probes and accessory reagents to probe disease-associated gene disruption, as well as gene chromosomal localisation and aneuploidy.

Fluorescent, gold, biotin and digoxygenin labelling options are available for the following ranges:

  • Whole chromosome, centromere & subtelomere
  • Oncology, Haematology Prenatal & Microdeletion
  • Mouse, Rat, Bovine & Porcine animal probes
  • Microbiology probes
  • MicroRNA probes
  • Custom probe services


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