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The first draw will be made at 9am on 20th December 2018 and will then be drawn quarterly throughout 2019.


Cardiovascular Developmental Biology Cancer Stem Cell
Heart – RRP £138 Egg & Sperm – RRP £139 DNA Earrings – RRP £144 Foetus – RRP £145
Neuroscience Signal Transduction Cell Biology Microbiology
Neuron – RRP £95 Membrane – RRP £123 Mitochondrion – RRP £117 Petri Dish – RRP £93
Epigenetics Immunology Infectious Diseases Plant Sciences
Horizontal DNA – RRP £99 Antibody Earrings – RRP £141 Adenovirus – RRP £112 Chloroplast – RRP £117

Choose one of the following:

 Endocrinology Protein Science CRISPR – RRP £95 Cloning Vector – RRP £90
Insulin – RRP £102 Pipette – RRP £109    


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