Since their inception in January of 2006, Assay Biotechnology has been a worldwide contributor of industry-leading antibody production and engineering and assay technologies, fluorescent dyes, quenchers, recombinant proteins and synthetic peptides.

Located in the heart of California’s San Francisco Bay Area, they have strived to answer the global need for high quality assay kits and immunological reagents used in pharmaceutical and academic research that predominantly formulate the basis of healthcare.

Product Categories


Colorimetric/Fluorometric Cell-Based ELISA

The Colorimetric Cell-Based ELISA Kits are a convenient, lysate free, high throughput and sensitive assay kit that can detect protein phosphorylation and expression profile in cells. The kit can be used for measuring the relative amounts of phosphorylated proteins in cultured cells as well as screening for effects that various treatments, inhibitors (i.e. siRNA or chemicals), or activators have on protein phosphorylation.

  • Detect over 1000 different proteins in adherent and suspension cells.
  • High sensitivity, low background with exceptional signal to noise ratio.
  • Convenient Colorimetric 450 nm detection or Fluorometric Ex/Em 651/667 and 495/521 nm
  • Determination of phosphorylated and total protein expression profiles in adherent and suspension cells

Colorimetric/Chemiluminescent Sandwich ELISA

The Colorimetric Sandwich ELISAs are one of our most popular ELISA kit. It employs a traditional sandwich immunoassay platform for detection of cytokines, growth factors, various cellular markers and respective receptors in a variety of Colorimetric Sandwich ELISA Kits. We offer excellent sensitivity, convenience, and quality you can trust for a fraction of standard industry prices.

  • High sensitivity, low background with exceptional signal to noise ratio.
  • Hundreds of kits available for Human, Mouse, and Rat protein targets.
  • Detection and Quantification of proteins at pg/mL to ng/mL concentrations using Protein Standards.
  • 450 nm Colorimetric Detection or Chemiluminescent Detection available.

Colorimetric Transcription Factor ELISA

The DNA-Binding ELISA provides on indirect ELISA method to facilitate the detection and semi-quantitative determination of active transcription factor profiles in a variety of nuclear and cell lysates. Our DNA-Binding ELISAs have been developed to significantly reduce the effective assay time compared to traditional methods, remove the need for harmful radioactive labeling, and allow researchers to perform high-throughput screening as detect multiple targets simultaneously.

  • Pre-Coated oligonucleotides and pre-blocked immunoassay plates included.
  • Positive Nuclear Lysate Control included.
  • High Sensitivity, low background with exceptional signal-to-noise ratio.
  • 450 nm Colimetric Detection

Polyclonal Antibodies

Assay Biotech has been a primary manufacturer of high quality rabbit and mouse antibodies since 2006. With over 10,000 antibodies on the market today. We specialize in total protein and modification-specific antibodies for phosphorylated, methylated, and acetylated proteins in a multitude of pathways.

Unmodified and total protein antibodies are capable of detecting unmodified proteins as well as total amounts of the target protein that have undergone various types of post-translational modification, respectively.

Modification-specific antibodies are capable of detecting proteins post-translationally modified via acetylation. methylation, cleavage, mutation and phosphorylation at certain amino acids along the target protein.

  • Assay Biotech antibodies are validated via Western Blot (WB), Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA), Immunohistochemistry (IHC), and Immunofuorescence (IF).
  • Over 10,000 highly specific primary antibodies.
  • High sensitivity, low background with exceptional signal to noise ratio.
  • Each antibody is produced in rabbits using syntheic immunogen peptides and purfied via immungen specific affinity chromatography.

Monoclonal Antibodies

Monoclonal antibodies are antibodies that are derived from the same clonal population of immune cells. This means that monoclonal antibodies are identical at the DNA sequence level, meaning that they all recognise the same epitope.

Monoclonal antibodies have many benefits in any area that uses antibodies, such as western blotting, immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence. Since these antibodies recognise the same epitope, they are less likely to non-specifically cross-react with non-target proteins, thus increasing overall signal-noise ratios in WB, IHC and IF; producing much clearer images.

The specificity of monoclonal antibodies significantly reduces the amount of background noise in IHC data, making both identification and quantification easier, which can improve consistency in analysis between experimenters.

  • Exceptional specificity and reduction of background for ease of identification and quanitification.
  • Low staining artifiacts.
  • Antibodies heavily validated for Immunohistochemistry application.
  • Highly consistent results across diferent batches.

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