Founded in 1989 by a group of scientists with expertise in immunology and biochemistry. BMA manufacture antibodies specifically for IHC and ELISAS.

The production of these products has been fully adapted to culture media without the use of FCS.

Each reagent has been extensively validated in house on frozen and formalin fixed paraffin embedded sections.

BMA is known for products related to human Calprotectin, macrophage and inflammation markers in various species and for antibodies used with formalin fixed porcine tissues.

Product Categories 

IHC products

EIA and ELISA products

RIA products

BMA, short for BMA Biomedicals, is a small biotech company located in the Basel area in northern Switzerland. Founded in 1989 by a group of immunologists, biochemists and biologists, its main area of activity is in the development, production and marketing of antibodies. In 2005, BMA was acquired by Chemoforma Inc., a long-time business partner active in the production of immune-supportive feed additives. In 2013, Chemoforma Inc. acquired Peninsula Laboratories International, Inc., a California-based company specialized in anti-peptide antibodies and radioimmunoassays.

BMA’s main expertise lies in the application of antibodies in immunohistochemistry and enzyme immunoassays (ELISAs). Production has fully been adapted to culture media without fetal calf serum. This is not only an important contribution to sustainability and animal welfare, but the products contain no contaminating bovine antibodies. They are generally offered for in vitro research use only, but the licensing of appropriate products to companies in the diagnostics field is supported.

BMA operates its own facilities with state-of-the-art analytical and production infrastructure. Our know-how lies in the production and derivatisation of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, and their use in immunological techniques. BMA also licenses products from outside organizations. These may be in early development stages and are finally updated for manufacture by the company.


Product Portfolio

The policy of BMA Biomedicals is strongly customer and market oriented. We have established longstanding and excellent working relationships with our distributors and their customers worldwide.

You can find specialities and unique products that have been produced exclusively by BMA Biomedicals, as well as routine products with extensive publication records.

BMA’s products focus in the fields of:


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