Boster Bio are a premium manufacturer of high sensitivity ELISA kit and antibodies.

Based in Pleasanton California their team of experts have over twenty years experience optimising every step of the antibody production process resulting in the best antibodies for IHC, WB and ELISA.

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Boster Quality Guarantee

Offering Excellence in Product Quality Since 1993

All Boster antibodies and ELISA kits are guaranteed to meet the specifications on the data sheet. We promise to thoroughly investigate any concerns about the quality of our products; if you encounter a problem with a Boster antibody or ELISA kit, our technical support team will respond with personalized advice within 24 hours. If we can’t make your experiment work, we will refund your purchase in full or provide a replacement free of charge.

At Boster we guarantee that:

  • All products have undergone rigorous testing and screening before being shipped.
  • Any quality concerns you have will be addressed and investigated thoroughly.
  • The performance of all our products will match the description provided in the datasheets.
  • If you find any of our products defective in any way, we will refund your purchase or replace the product free of charge.
  • Our team of highly skilled scientists are available 24/7 provide fast, insightful technical support.
  • All our products are made in our very own facility; we will communicate with you directly and respond to any inquiry or concern within 24 hours.
  • Any product that fails to react with the targets predicted by our our proprietary epitope matching technique  will be refunded in full.

Terms of Agreement

The Boster guarantee applies to products that have been bought from us directly or through any of our authorized distributors.

Boster History

20+ years of expertise

Founded in 1993 by famed histologist Steven Xia, Boster Bio is an antibody manufacturer specializing in IHC-ready antibodies and high-sensitivity ELISA kits. We have spent the last 20 years perfecting our techniques and technology to produce the highest quality antibodies and ELISA kits, earning us the trust of researchers worldwide and over 14,000 citations.

Why Boster

Boster takes painstaking steps to ensure product quality and to provide the customers comprehensive data upfront. Our antibodies are tested with real tissues to ensure enough affinity with endogenous level of target proteins. In addition, we also validate our antibodies in a quantitative fashion by testing them on known quantities of recombinant proteins so that you know what to expect if there is 1ng, 2.5ng or 5ng of the target protein in the sample. Our Picokine ELISA kits are empowered by our proprietary coating and blocking technology to achieve picogram level sensitivity and minimum background. We thoroughly test and document the inter and intra assay variabilities for each batch of the ELISA kit and ensure inter batch consistency so that you can generate good, reproducible results. We take pride in our quality standard and we transparently share our validation data so you can get better data with less time, less money and less frustration.

Wuhan Boster Biological Technology, Ltd. has consistently focused on the manufacture of immunological reagents.


Congratulations – Boster Bio –  Voted “Company to Watch in 2016” From Citeab Awards

This goes hand in hand with a policy for the active consideration and implementation of new products. One area of focus is    continuous optimization of the antibody range targeting higher quality polyclonal antibodies.

Key Benefits

  1. High affinity polyclonals
  2. The ability to manufacturer bulk with ease. This the result of improved and optimized antigen preparation, immunity, purification, and detection, which have allowed Wuhan Boster Biological Technology to produce products of high quality in a cost effective manner.

Key products & service:

  • Antibodies
  • ELISA Kits
  • Immuno detection kits

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