Expedeon specialise in development of next-generation tools for biological research, diagnostics, and drug discovery.
Our hallmark is to provide technologies that speed up our clients’ research. Expedeon has a breadth of products, including phosphoprotein ELISAs, rapid antibody labeling kits for HRP, biotin and other detection molecules, as well as precast electrophoresis gels and associated equipment.

Best Sellers Electrophoresis DNA/RNA Isolation & Amplification Antibody & Protein Conjugation
InstantBlue™ Protein Stain
Lightning-Link® Single Step Conjugation Kits
Thunder-Link® PLUS Oligo Conjugation System
InstantBlue™ Protein Gel Stain
RunBlue™ Precast Gels
Markers and Ladders
Buffers and Membranes
CBS Equipment
– DNA Polymerases
– Whole Genome DNA Amplification
– Single Cell DNA Amplification
– Liquid Biopsy Kits
SunScript® Reverse Transcriptase Kits
PCR Workstations
DNA Electrophoresis
– Horizontal Electrophoresis Units
– Sequencing Height Electrophoresis Units
– Mutation Detection Systems
Lightning-Link® Conjugation Kits
Thunder-Link® Oligo Conjugation Kits
Colloidal Gold, Gold Conjugates and InnovaCoat® GOLD
Particle Conjugation Kits
Check&Go! Conjugation Validation Kits
Streptavidin and other Conjugates
imm-Link™ Immunogen Preparation Kits
Maleimide Activated Labels & Thiol Kits
Western Blotting Protein Purification & Sample Preparation Mass Spectrometry Assays
LumiBlue™ Chemiluminescence Solutions
Buffers and Staining Solutions
Blotting Units
Protease Inhibitors
Endonuclease for Nucleic Acid Removal
Antibody Purification
Affinity Tags and Purification
Expression Validation Check&Go!
Tag Cleavage Proteases
GELFREE 8100 Protein Fractionation
UPX Protein Extraction
PPS Silent® Surfactant
Phosphopeptide Isolation
Lateral Flow Assays
ATPase & GTPase Assay Kits


Why we stand out

  • Our stringent QC processes promise high-quality products with excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • Our products are rated 4.9/5 by our customers
  • Our technical support is rated over 9/10 by customers
  • We also offer tailored products and services to meet your requirements
  • We are ISO accredited to ensure high quality products and support
  • We dispatch 90% of orders placed within 48 hours


Lightning Link Alexa Fluor
Flow Cytometry
RunBlue Bis-Tis Protein Gels
Instant Blue
Pre-Cast vs Hard-Cast Gels
Lightning Link 
Thunder Link Plus
TruePrime Apoptotic cell-free DNA