Our mission is to help people around the world achieve optimal health and wellness regardless of where they live or their socioeconomic status by helping them know precisely what they need and ensuring the purity and quality of the products they use to optimize their health.

The Q-LAAD Singularity

Unleashing Fluorogenic Aptamers

Our Q-LAAD technology uses fluorogenic-logic aptamers to signal the presence of a target molecule. Fluorogenic aptamers can be chemically synthesized enabling decreases in production time and batch-to-batch variation which allows development to be separated from production.

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Unparalleled Adaptability

Q-LAAD FastTrack tests are designed to be plug-and-play, requiring minimal adaptation time associated with new test development and we can quickly design tests that detect a range of molecules.

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Optimized Usability

Q-LAAD FastTrack tests can be utilized in hospitals with commercially available analyzers that fit within standard medical laboratory workflows, thus requiring minimal training or new expertise.

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A New Biodiagnostic Paradigm

In addition to our revolutionary Q-LAAD test, we are developing a proprietary analyzer enabling simple plug-and-play tests that can be administered at the point of care. These point-of-use Q-LAAD tests allow us to deliver on our mission to provide lab-grade quality diagnostics to those who are in the most need regardless of geography or socioeconomic status.

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Q-LAAD stands for Quantum-Logic Aptamer Analyte Detection and it is our proprietary test which we’ve been developing over the past 6 years. Q-LAAD is an antigen detection system that uses aptamer technology to reveal the presence of viral antigens.

Q-LAAD technology enables a fluorogenic logic aptamer to cause a dim fluorophore to become bright only when the aptamer is bound to the intended target.

Q-LAAD tests differ from other testing methodologies in a few important ways:

  1. Q-LAAD tests are sensitive enough to detect even trace amounts of a given target molecule, so there is no time-consuming amplification required to see results. Therefore, results from Q-LAAD tests are near-instantaneous.
  2. Q-LAAD tests are specific enough to work with various types of samples and sample collection media such as blood, saliva, urine, etc.
  3. Q-LAAD tests are much simpler and easier to use than other biodiagnostic tests which minimizes the margin for user and/or machine error.

No. Q-LAAD tests can be run on commercially available COMS analyzers and plate readers. We are currently working on our own point-of-care analyzer which will make Q-LAAD tests even more efficient and easy to use.

Q-LAAD tests are optimal for the COVID-19 pandemic for three key reasons:

  1. Accuracy: Q-LAAD tests meet or exceed a minimum threshold of 95% accuracy putting it on par with the most accurate (PCR) tests currently available
  2. Speed: Q-LAAD tests routinely deliver results in less than 5 minutes (and often near instantly) without sacrificing accuracy
  3. Throughput: Q-LAAD SARS-CoV-2 tests are simple to prepare and run and require minimal specialized lab technician training. They are run on a standard plate reader and results are available in minutes.

View our Instructions For Use and Performance Data.

COVID-19 is only the beginning. In addition to a variety of medical diagnostic tests beyond COVID-19, we are developing Q-LAAD tests for use across a wide range of industries including Agricultural, Regulatory, Pharmaceutical, and Veterinary just to name a few.

Leading the Biodiagnostic Testing Revolution

We are a purpose-driven biodiagnostic technology company focused on helping people of all communities, understand and optimize their health with a new hospital-grade fast track test that offers speed, accessibility, and accuracy. Our proprietary Quantum-Logic Aptamer Analyte Detection (Q-LAAD) technology gives fast, accurate and affordable hospital-grade diagnostic tests for decision makers to make treatment decisions.

No one should have to experience the vulnerability of not having access to testing or not knowing the status of their health. Waiting days for test results from outdated technology and processes is no longer acceptable. Modern day outbreaks and pandemics, including Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Swine Flu (H1N10), and COVID-19, have exposed the lack of widely-available, high-quality testing. People need clarity, answers, and accessibility to their health and wellness before leaving any healthcare provider.

Facible is the first revolutionary change in diagnostic testing in over 30 years, challenging the healthcare industry’s slow evolution to meet today’s needs. We are committed to providing a completely new dimension of testing everywhere, for anything. Empowering people to understand their personal health and the quality of products treating their wellness.

Greater Speed + Greater Accuracy = Greater Results

Our Q-LAAD technology simplifies and speeds up the biodiagnostic testing process while increasing the accuracy of results. Tests can be run at the point-of-care with minimal expertise or training, complex prep, or lengthy machine runtimes, giving decision makers instantaneous data to take immediate action and eliminate.

Limitless Possibilities

Our immerging science provides more accurate and easier testing across industries including: Medical, Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, etc. Facible has the ability to nimbly adapt our tests to meet the diagnostic testing needs of virtually limitless industries and use cases.

People First.

We are a diverse team of scientists, thinkers and doers, committed to challenging the healthcare industry to meet today’s testing needs for everyone, everywhere. We have a unified belief that through our work, we can help every person live a better, healthier life.