ReZolve Scientific was established in 2015, as a collaboration between the University of South Australia and Curtin University in Western Australia.

The privately owned entity specialises in developing, manufacturing and marketing photostable cell imaging agents.

Generating new knowledge by defining the mechanisms of disease and capturing important cellular processes are vital in cell and microbiology.

The photostability, low cytotoxicity and fast cellular uptake of ReZolve Scientific fluorophores allow imaging of energy storage, cell signalling, metabolic processes and membrane dynamics in real time.

High sensitivity (with small quantities of reagent)
Large signal-to-noise ratio
Long emission lifetimes / timegated visualisation
Excitation in the visible (1-photon) or infrared (2-photons) region
Resistance to photobleaching / fluorophore destruction
Stability under physiological conditions
Low molecular weight for reduced interference and enhanced uptake
Minimal cytotoxicity allowing live cell imaging

Product Information

IraZolve-L1 Rezolve-L1-PSP
Irazolve-Mito RezolveL1-PSP
ReZolve Reccomendations ER

A proprietary platform that outperforms other reagents for clarity, simplicity and value

Our proprietary platform technology allows for the design of reagents capable of dissecting both structure and function at the sub-cellular level. These reagents offer enhanced sensitivity and spatial resolution, enabling high quality visualisation of sub-cellular function.
Our cell imaging reagents technology is based on small molecules chemistry. An interchangeable rare-earth core allows for optimization of absorption and emission profiles of the resulting reagents. The individually designed and coupled targeting motif then defines the reagents specificity.

Gain better insights to make more profound discoveries

When designing cell imaging reagents we deliver you tools with superior characteristics in the following areas:

Imaging lipid biology

Lipids have important roles in energy storage, signalling, cell metabolism and are major structural components of all cellular membranes. Changes in lipid distribution and metabolism are a major factor in many metabolic diseases.
Our reagent Rezolve-L1 offers the ability of visualisation in high-resolution and real time the sub-cellular localisation of polar lipids.

Imaging carbohydrate distribution

Carbohydrates and cellular molecular machinery involved in carbohydrate production, interaction and transportation are essential to the simplest functionalities of life. Carbohydrates play a significant role in cellular energy metabolism, but also provide functions for cellular communication and recognition.
Over the next few months we will be launching reagents that utilize a sugar targeting motif for visualization in real time in live cells.